Презентация "Tower of London"

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Tower of London
  • The oldest monument
  • Author: Kozlov Sergey
  • Teacher: Irina Sviderskaya
The history of the building
  • Other buildings were added to it during the following centuries until it occupied a large area.
  • The space between the outer and inner walls, which are high and thick used to be a moat.
  • Nobody knows more about the history of the Tower of London than Yeoman warders and no visit is complete without joining one of their tours. Having guarded this royal palace and fortress for centuries, they will captivate you amazing stories and guide you.
  • Inside there is an interesting collection of arms and armours, all kinds of swords and guns and a wide variety of armour dating from the 15-th century.
  • The Crown jewels are kept in a special room and are protected by very thick glass and other security measures. Most of the royal crowns and other old ornaments daiting before Cromwell.