Конспект урока "The rats and their daughter" 7 класс

Home Reading «English club».
Flying Horse . 7-th form
Topic: home reading “The rats and their daughter. “
Aim: good reading strategies mastery in the context of the text
Skills of
- Reading: developing comprehensive reading and translating
- Writing: using new words from the text in different situations.
- Speaking: discussing and role playing the text.
- Grammar: degrees of comparison.
- Pronunciation: phonetic drill of new words.
- Cognitive skills: creative thinking and imagination.
- Materials: the book “The flying horse,” the cards with sentences
from the text.
Teacher says the words and students repeat them:
Teacher talks with the students about fairy tales.
Students read and translate some parts of text.
“Once upon a time these were two Rats, who had many fine children;
but (the one) they loved most was their youngest daughter. She was a
nice little Rat. She had the most beautiful grey coat, and the brightest
little eyes, and such deer little ears! And her parents thought that she
was the most beautiful rat in the world.
When she was old enough to marry, they began to thing of her future
She must have a very mighty husband,” they said. “No one but the
mightiest in the world shall marry our beautiful daughter.” But who was
the mightiest? It was not easy to tell, and they didn’t know. So they
went to a very old and clever rat, and asked him. His answer was:”If you
wish to give your daughter to the mightiest of all, then go to the Sun,
and ask him to be your daughter’s husband. I am sure no one is
mightier than the Sun”
The student’s roles play the dialog from the text.
So Mr. and Mrs. Rat went to the Sun (and it was a very long way) and ask him
to marry their daughter. But the Sun answered, ”It is very nice of you to come all
this way and ask me to marry your daughter, but please tell me, why did you
choose me?’
“We chose you, because we wish to give her to the mightier in the whole
world; and, of course, no one can be mightiest then you.”
“I see,” said the Sun, “but I’m afraid it is not true, there is one mightier then I
am, and you must give you daughter to him.”
“Who can be mightier then you?” asked Mr. Rat, and the Sun answered,
“When I wash to shine on the earth, a Cloud often comes along, and my light
cannot pass though it or drive it away. You must go to the Cloud.”
So Mr. and Mrs. Rat went to the Cloud and told him their wish.
“I am not the mightiest, “said the Cloud.” The wind is mightiest than I. When
the Wind blows, he drives me along and I cannot do nothing against him.”
So Mr. and Mrs. Rat went to the Wind.
But the Wind said, “Yes I am mightiest then the Cloud. But I am not
mightiest in the world; the wall is sometimes in my way, and I blow and
blow, but the Wall is still there and I cannot pass through it.”
Again Mr. and Mrs. Rat went on, till they came to the Wall. But
the wall said, “You are right. I am mightier then Wind. But there is the
Rat, who makes holes in me and I can do nothing against him. The
best thing for you to do is to choose the Rat for your daughter’s
Then Mr. and Mrs. Rat were happy, because the saw that the Wall
was right. They came back home and their beautiful daughter married
the Rat; and the lived happily for many, many years. Who knows?
Perhaps they are still alive.”
2. Students read the sentence and complete them.
a) The rats loved their............ most of all.
b) They wanted to have………… for her.
c) In the order to find the mightier husband for their daughter
they went………
d) At first the Rats went…………
e) The Sun said that the Cloud…………
f) The Cloud said that the Wind was mightier than it
g) The Wind said that it couldn’t………...
h) The Wall said that they must choose…………
i) The Rat’s daughter married…………
j) Perhaps the Rat and her husband…………
1. The teacher: try to match the words in the columns to make
words combinations:
Mightiest children
The youngest coat
Nice, little eyes
Fine husband
The brightest daughter
The most beautiful rat
Pretty tale
The fairy ears
2. The teacher gives the cards to the students. The students fill the
gaps in with the words in an appropriate form.
a) I …… that they will be happy.
b) Don’t……! This dog is kind.
c) Look! They…… the horse to the river.
d) Spaniels have long……
e) A lion is a…… animal but elephant is……
Speaking Grammar
1. Students translate the sentences using the adjective in an
appropriate degree of comparison.
a) Этот дом более старый, чем тот.
b) Мой старший брат хочет быть капитаном.
c) 22 и23 декабря – самые короткие дни в году.
d) Учительница говорит, что Ник Соколов лучший ученик в
e) Я думаю , что эта компьютерная игра менее интересна, чем та,
в которую мы играли на прошлой недели.
2. Students discuss the text giving their ideas to the following
-the Rats thought that their youngest daughter was the most
beautiful rat in the world.
-they wanted the Sun to be a husband of their youngest daughter.
-the Sun thought that the Cloud was mightier than he.
-the Cloud refused to marry the little Rat.
-the Wall advised the Rats to choose the Rat for their Daughter’s
-the little Rat and her husband lived happily.
Home assignment
Imagine that you are the little Rat. Tell us how your parents were
looking for a husband for you.
1. I_______ that they will be happy.
2. Don’t________! This dog is kind.
3. Look! They_______ the horse to the river.
4. Spaniels have long________.
5. A lion is a_____ animal but elephant is______.