Конспект урока "At the shops" 7 класс

New Hotline (Pre Intermediate)
Form 7
Topic: At the shops
Aim: development of ability to buy something in the shops
Skills of development:
Reading: developing the skill of matching a description witch a picture
Writing: question using the pattern: “How much is this… how much are
these…” and the dialogue “At the shop”
Speaking: making the dialogue between a customer and a shop assistant
Pronunciation: the sound
Cognitive skill: development of visual memory pictures, cassette
Phonetic drill of the sound
Teacher says the words
Students clap their hands, if they hear the sound
Students repeat the words.
The class is divided into pairs. Students look at the pictures answer the questions
- Who are the people?
- Where are they?
- What is the woman buying?
a) Students make the dialogue by putting the correct sentence in each speech
bubble, then give their ideals.
b) Teacher plays the tape. Students listen and check their dialogues.
c) Teacher checks understanding of the dialogue.
d) Teacher plays the tape again. Students listen to the dialogue and follow in
the books.
e) Students read the dialogue in pairs
At the shops
- How much are these postcards?
- The small postcards 10 p. each and the large postcards are 20p. each.
- Can I have these four, please?
- That’s 40p., please.
- And how much is this yellow T- shirt?
- It’s $5.
- I’ll take it, please.
- That’s $5.40 altogether, please.
- Here you are.
- Thank you. That’s 60p. Change .
- Thank you.
a) Teacher: look at the examples and say what difference you can see. . .
A postcard A T- shirt
Four postcard Two T- shirt
Students explain the rule for making the plural
b) Teacher pronounces the words: book, friend, apple, pen, bag. Students,
give the plural. . .
c) Teacher: look at the examples and say what difference you can see. . .
This postcard These postcards
This T- shirt These t-shirts
Students, give the answer (we use “This” witch singular nouns and
“These” with plural nouns…)
d) Students have to write “… is this…”,”… are these…” in the questions.
How much …… red apples?
How much …… radio?
How much …… watchers?
How much …… badges?
How much …… green umbrella?
How much …… cassette recorder?
How much …… pens?
Talking Point
Students are divided into pairs. They look at the pictures and practice
the dialogues.
1. - How much is this white T- shirt?
-It’s $5.40
2. - How much are these green pens?
- They are 94p.
3. - How much is this big badge?
- It’s 50p.
4. How much is this red track suit?
- It’s $29
5. How much is this black track suit?
- It’s $25
Teacher checks the dialogs
Home assignment
a) Write the dialogue:
A is customer. He buys two things from shop.
B is a shop assistant.
b) Read the dialogue “At the shops” again. Copy out the unknown worlds and
look them up in a dictionary.