Конспект урока "Sport" 7 класс

New Hotline (Pre- Intermediate )
Form 7
Topic: “Sport”
Aim: to practice the Present Simple Tense
Skills of development:
- Reading: reading for information
- Writing: sentences about Terry and oneselves
- Pronunciation: sentence stress
- Cognitive skills: development of listenin
- Materials: cassette
1. Students open their books and read the questions aloud.
Teacher makes sure everyone understand the question.
a) Who are the people?
b) Where are they?
c) What are they talking about? Why?
2. Students give their answers to the question
Answer key:
a) Darren Tooley, his friends, Casey Royston
b) In the street, near Victoria road
c) They are talking about Terry, because Darren wants to get his revenge for
what happened in the café.
3. Teacher explains any new vocabulary that students need to understand the
dialogue (get the bus, late, that’s very helpful, I see).
1. Teacher plays the tape. Students listen and follow in their books. Teacher
plays the tape again, if necessary.
2. Students read the dialogue and teacher makes sure reading is correct, playing
attention to sentence stress.
3. Teacher divides class into pairs.
person is Darren
person is Casey
Students read the dialogue in pairs, paying attention to sentence stress.
Darren Excuse me. Do you know Terry Moore?
Casey Oh yes, I know Terry. Are you his friend?
D: What? …. Oh, yes. Terry knows me. Where does he live?
C: He lives in Victoria Road at number 20.
D: What time does he go to school?
C: He goes to school with me and some other friends. We get the bus at 8.15.
D: When do you come home?
C: We come home at half past three.
D: Does Terry come home at half past three every day?
C: Er, no. on Wednesday he plays table tennis after school. He comes home late.
D: On Wednesday? Hmm. What time does he come home?
C: He gets the quarter past four bus, I thing.
D: Thank you. That’s very helpful.
C: That’s OK. I must tell Terry about you.
D: Oh no, don’t do that. It’s a surprise.
C: Oh, I se. OK.
1. Teacher reminds students about the Present Simple Tense and using of
the-s on the 3
person singular
1. Teacher asks students to find sentences in the Present Simple Tense in the
2. Students give their answers( I know Terri, Terri knows me, he lives in
Victoria Road etc)
3. Students look at the blackboard and complete the sentences
I . . . . . . . . . . . know Terri.
Terri . . . . . . . knows me.
We . . . . . . . . home at half past three.
He . . . . . . . . . home late.
4. Teacher: This is the Present Simple Tens. It describes regular activities.
Talking Point
1. Teacher divides the class into pairs. In, pairs, students read the questions
from the exercise and discuss them.
a) Who does Darren Tooley want?
b) Where does Terry live?
c) When does Terry go to school?
d) Who does he go with?
e) How do they go to school?
f) What time do they come home?
g) What does Terry do on Wednesday?
h) What time does he come home on Wednesday?
i) Why mustn’t Casey tell Terry about the boys?
Answer key
a) He wants Terri.
b) He lives in Victoria Road.
c) He goes to school at 8:15.
d) He goes with Casey and other friends.
e) They get the bus.
f) They come home at 3:30.
g) He plays table tennis.
h) It’s a surprise.
1. Teacher asks students to complete the sentences about Terry with the correct
verb, then to write sentences about their own lives
a) Terry ………… in Victoria Road.
I ………. .
b) Terry………. To school with his friends.
I ………. .
c) Terry ………… Home the bus to school.
I ………. .
d) Terry………. . Home at 3.30.
I ………. .
e) Terry………. table tennis.
I ………. .
2 Students read their sentences aloud, teacher checks.
1Teacher plays the tape again. Students listen to it without books.
Home assignment
1 Complete the sentences with “live” or “lives”.
2 Prepare the cards with useful expressions
We get the bus
He comes home late
The quarter past four bus
That’s very helpful
Don’t do that
It’s a surprise
I see.