Викторина “Welcome to Russia!”

Разработка урока по английскому языка учителя :
МОУ «Лицей № 38», г. Белгорода
Мацулевич Юлии Владимировны
Викторина “Welcome to Russia!”
/«Добро пожаловать в Россию»/.
Данное учебное занятие может быть проведено и как внеклассное мероприятие во
время недели иностранных языков.
Цели викторины:
Образовательная увеличение объема знаний об особенностях культуры родной
страны; знакомство с достопримечательностями Москвы, Санкт-Петербурга;
Развивающая развитие творческих способностей учащихся, способности
логически излагать, расширять кругозор;
Воспитательная осознание понятия «Родина», боле глубокое осознание своей
культуры; воспитывать толерантность, воспитывать личную ответственность за
выполнение коллективной работы, повысить интерес учащихся к изучению
иностранного языка;
Учебная развитие речевых умений.
Состав участников: игроки двух команд, ведущие (2), члены жюри (3).
Оборудование: стенд «Достопримечательности г. Москва», наглядное пособие с
достопримечательностями г. Санкт-Петербурга, тесты, таблицы баллов для жюри,
плакаты с названиями раундов, экран и проектор.
Время работы: 45 мин.
Форма работы: внеурочная
В игре принимают участие 10-12 участников. Игра состоит из двух раундов:
I география/природа России;
II история/литература/музыка России.
Игра начинается с первого раунда: участники получают тесты и отвечают на них
письменно. Ведущие озвучивают текст теста. Правильные ответы проверяет жюри.
Второй раунд: участники устно отвечают на вопросы. Вопросы задают ведущие.
Правильные ответы оценивает жюри.
В конце игры объявляются победители. Плакаты с названиями раундов висят на доске.
I. Организационный момент (учитель) (2 мин.)
а) приветствие;
б) постановка цели.
Teacher: Good afternoon everybody! We are very happy to see you at our party. It is
devoted to our country. It is Russia. I am sure you have read a lot of books and got useful
information about our country. This quiz will show your achievements and your knowledge
of the matter. I wish you success. Be active, honest, industrious and helpful and you’ll be
sure to win.
1 ведущий: Hello, boys and girls! Good afternoon our quests! Today we have an unusual
lesson - the quiz on the theme: Welcome to Russia!” We are glad to see you at our party.
Welcome to Russia!
II. Речевая подготовка. Учащиеся заполняют «Word Web». (5 мин.)
2 ведущий: Every year a lot of people visit Russia. Our country is fantastic! What do you
think why people want to travel to Russia?
1 ведущий: There are many different reasons for travelling to Russia. Try to name some of
2 ведущий: And now, look at this table and learn another different reasons for travelling to
III. Ход игры.
1 ведущий: Now, we shall introduce our jury. There are two teams today: the team of the
first course and its captain is…, the team of the second course and its captain is…. There are
also two supporters for each team. Now listen to the rules of our quiz. It consist of two
rounds, each of them includes 8 questions. These questions deal with the Russian geography
and nature. It is the first round. The second round is about Russian history, literature and
I round. (10 мин.)
2 ведущий: The quiz will take place in the form of the test. During 5 minutes you must
fulfill the test.
Test I.
1. This city has 111 bridges.
a) Volgograd
b) St. Petersburg
2. This deepest lake in the world is situated in Russia.
a) Lake Baikal
b) Lake Ladoga
3. These mountains separate Europe from Asia.
a) The Altay
b) The Urals
4. What is the largest island of Russia?
a) Sakhalin
b) New Land
5. People call this tree the symbol of Russia.
a) The birch
b) The oak
6. Which of these rivers is longer?
a) The Don
b) The Yenisei
7. What is the biggest part of Russia?
a) Europe
b) Asia
8. This city is the port of five seas.
a) St. Petersburg
b) Moscow
1 ведущий: Now, let our jury sum up the results.
II round. (10 мин.)
2 ведущий: Well, we shall suggest you to answer 8 questions about Russian history,
literature and music. You have one minute to think it over.
Test II.
1. Who was the first president of Russia? (B. Yeltsin)
2. What was the surname of the Russian tsar, Peter the First? (Romanov)
3. A monument to these people is in Red Square in Moscow. (the monument of Minin and
4. There we can see the famous Tsar-Bell and Tsar-Cannon. (In the Moscow Kremlin)
5. Who wrote these words: «Скажи-ка, дядя, ведь недаром Москва, спаленная пожаром,
французу отдана?» (M. Lermontov)
6. Which poet wrote a poem about Russian women: «Коня на скаку остановит…»
(N. Nekrasov)
7. This musical instrument is very popular with young people. (a quitar)
8. This musical work is played in Russia more often than any other one. (the national
IV..The competition of supporters. (6 мин.)
1 ведущий: While the jury is checking up the tests we’ll have the competition of supporters.
There are many places to see in our country. What the most famous and important cities in our
country do you know?
Moscow is the capital of Russia. It’s one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the word.
The population of the city is about 9 million people.
Moscow is a political center, where the government of our country works.
Moscow was founded in 1147 by Yuri Dolgoruky. Moscow is an industrial center, too. There
are many factories and industrial plants in it.
Moscow is a cultural center. There are a lot of theatres, museum, institutes, libraries and
cinemas in Moscow. There are different means of public transport in Moscow. They are trams,
buses, trolley buses, taxis, the underground.
Moscow, the heart of our country, is dear not only to Muscovites, but to all Russians.
What sights of our capital would you recommend to visit?
There are many places of interest in Moscow.
(The Kremlin, Red Square, State Moscow University, the Moscow Metro, the Central Stadium in
Luzhniki, Gorky Central Park, the Children s Musical Theatre, the Battle of Borodino Panorama
Museum, the Museum of History, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Tretyakov Art Gallery, the Pushkin
Fine Art Museum, the Central Military Museum).
"ST. Petersburg"
St. Petersburg is often called the northern capital of our country. It's one of the most beautiful
cities in the world. And the history of this city is very interesting, too.
ST. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the
It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great as the "Window on the West".
ST. Petersburg is a city of great beauty, with places, cathedrals, churches, government
When the First World War began in 1914, the German-sounding name, ST. Petersburg, was
renamed after to Petrograd. After the October Revolution the city was renamed after Lenin.
During the Great Patriotic War Leningrad was cut off from the rest of the country for a year
and a half. No food could be brought in, and people died of starvation.
Rebuilding took years. Now St. Petersburg is an important industrial, cultural and educational
center. The population of the city is over 5 million.
There are many sights in St. Petersburg. The Winter Palace, the Hermitage, the Russian
Museum, St. Isaac's cathedral, the Peter-and-Paul Fortress and the Admiralty building attract
thousands of tourists from every corner of the world.
1 ведущий: Now, let our jury sum up the results of our quiz . (6 мин.)
V. Подведение итогов викторины. (6 мин.)
Teacher: Dear friends! I am very glad that you were very active, energetic. I’d like to thank
you for your work. I congratulate the winners. You were really great! I hope you have
learned much about Russia and perhaps you will use your knowledge of English in the
future. Now it’s time to give you the present. Please, you are ordered with the box of sweets.
Good luck! My best wishes to you. Thank you. Goodbye!