Конспект урока "Рождество" 3 класс

SANTA’S Workshop
T: - Hello, hello, hello to you! Hello, dear children I’m glad to see you! I’m Candy
the elf. Welcome to Santa’s workshop! How are you today?
Let’s get acquainted! What is your name? How old are you? What is your
favourite toy? (I’m Mary. I’m 6. My favourite toy is a doll).
Do you know what holiday is coming? Yes, Christmas is coming. Do you
know how do people celebrate Christmas and New Year? (рассказывают о
Santa asked me to help him. He asked me to find good children. Are you
good children? Do you like Christmas?
As you know Christmas is a family holiday. Look at the board. Here you can
see my family photos. This is my sister Sandy the elf. She is young and beautiful.
This is my brother Andy the elf. He is happy. And this is our father Dandy the elf.
He is always sad.
Now tell me about your
families. (рассказывают о
членах семьи, описывая их)
Very good! I see you have very happy families!
Поскольку вы прибыли в мастерскую Санты где изготавливаются
игрушки и открытки, вы должны изобразить те самые игрушки, которые
получают детишки на Рождество!
This is Santa’s workshop.
There are many gifts and toys.
The little elves fill the sled.
For all good girls and boys.
Listen to me and do the actions.
One, two, three
We are cars, you and me!
Now you are little balls.
And right now we are dolls.
I see a big-big plane
And a long-long train.
One, two, three we are teddy bears, you and me!
You are so active! Good job!
Santa needs your help to! You should make Christmas cards for your
parents! (получают набор для аппликации)
Such beautiful cards! Santa thanks you! He sent you some presents. But he
wants you to read poems for him! (читают стихотворение)
Thank you very much! See you next year! Merry Christmas!