Промежуточная аттестация по английскому языку 3 класс

Промежуточная аттестация по английскому языку 3 класс
1. Отгадай, кто это
It is not big. It is fat. It is grey and white. It can jump, run, and play. It can’t fly. It
likes milk, meat. It doesn’t like to swim. It is funny and kind. I like to play with it. It
lives in the house.
II. Найди противоположные по смыслу слова
1. black a) stupid
2. nice b) white
3. smart c) happy
4. sad d) small
5.big e) bad
III. Заполни пропуски
1. I…..smart
a) am b) is c) are
2. She….got a lot of friends.
a) have b) has c) had
3. He… 10 years old.
a)is b) are c) am
4. She… a pretty girl.
a)am b) is c) are
5. We… good friends
a)am b) is c) are
IV. Составь предложения
1. in, the, live, I, country
2. write, He, read, and, can
3. got, a, has, she, friend
4. Ann, on Sundays, visits, her friend.
5. in, can, I, winter, skate.
V. Какое слово лишнее
1. today, Monday, Tuesday, Sunday.
2. mum, brother, sister, boy, dad.
3. one, two, second, five.
4. September, October, November, May
VI. Составь словосочетания
1. to draw a) a letter
2. to ride b) a picture
3. to play c) a bike
4. to watch d) computer games
5 to write e) TV