Конспект урока "Going shopping” 5 класс

План-конспект урока английского языка в 5 классе по учебнику
Тема урока - “Going shopping”.
1) практические:
- развитие лексических навыков по теме «Магазины, покупки»;
- практика учащихся в устной речи, чтении (развитие умений
ознакомительного и изучающего чтения), аудировании;
- развитие грамматических навыков(употребление артиклей а/аn и the);
2) общеобразовательные:
- расширение общего кругозора учащихся (знакомство с магазином
игрушек «Хэмлис» в Лондоне);
- расширение словарного запаса;
3) воспитательные:
- развитие умений вести диалог этикетного характера в магазине;
- формирование интереса к дальнейшему изучению темы;
4) развивающие:
- развитие языковой догадки;
- развитие памяти, воображения.
Языковой и речевой материал:
ЛЕ: bakery, florists’s, café, shoe shop, newsagent’s, greengrocer’s, toy shop,
bookshop, chemist’s, record shop, fast food restaurant, clothes shop,
jewelers; attractions, nearly, around, shop, different, basement, the Royal
family, gadget, tour.
- текст для чтения и аудирования “Hamleys. The land of toys;
- стихотворение для физкультминутки
Оснащение урока: презентация, аудиоприложение
Ход урока
I. Приветствие и сообщение задач урока.
Т: Hello, boys and girls. I’m glad to see you today. How are you? How is
your mood? What date is it today, I wonder? What day of the week is it?
And do you remember what season it is now? What do you usually wear in
this season? What’s the weather like today? What are you wearing?
Today we’ll have a really interesting lesson Going shopping”. We’ll listen,
read and talk about shops and products, read and discuss the text about
Hamleys, learn to offer help and ask for information, play some games in
groups and alone.
II. Подготовка учащихся к восприятию иноязычной речи.
1. Фонетическая разминка. Повторение изученных слов по теме
«Магазины, покупки».
T: I have some flashcards. The task is to read the words correctly.
T: Now look at the screen. You can see some products. So the task is to say
where people can buy them. (slides 2-11)
2. Речевая разминка.
T: Now answer my questions, please.
- Do you often go shopping? Do you like it?
- What shops do you prefer to go to?
- What do you usually buy there?
- Are you tired after the shopping?
III. Grammar. Закрепление активной лексики в речи, употребление
артиклей a/an/the.
T: Read the grammar reference, p. 106. Say when we use a/an and the. Then
do ex. 1b. The task is to fill in a, an or the. Do it in writing.
Физкультминутка для глаз.
T: Our eyes want some rest. Now let’s do exercises.
Look left, right
Look up, look down
Look around.
Look at your nose
Close your eyes
Open, wink and smile.
Your eyes are happy again.
IV. Reading.
T: Close your books, please. We will listen to the text. But firstly look at
some new words. Let’s explain their meaning: famous, attractions, nearly,
around, a basement, the Royal family, different (slide 12)
The title of the text is The Land of Toys”. So be attentive, please. Now you
are ready for listening. After listening say what it’s about. (It’s about a very
famous big toy shop in London.)
T: Now open your books and let’s read the text. Ex. 2a p. 106. Let’s read it
one by one. If there any words you don’t know, please ask. And I’ll show
you some pictures about Hamleys (slides 13-15).
T: Now it’s time to answer the questions. Where is Hamleys? How old is it?
How many floors are there? What can you buy there? Keep it up.
T: Ex. 3 p. 107. Now look at the floor guide. Which floors do you go to if
you want to: buy something for your brother, your sister, your baby sister;
eat something? Which floor(s) would you like to go to?
T: And now I want to check your memory. I’ll give some of you the cards
with the numbers of floors and the others the cards with the toys. One of
you name the floor, the other toys that people can buy there.
T: Do you want to play? Stand up, please. I’ll tell you some words, if you
hear the toys, you must sit down. OK, let’s begin: a doll, a cake, remote
control cars, jeans, books, a teddy bear, Lego, a shop, a cheeseburger, action
figures. Good of you!
V. Everyday English. Развитие умений вести диалог этикетного
характера в магазине.
T: Now we’ll learn to offer help and ask for information. Ex. 4 p. 107.
Imagine you’re at Hamleys. Use the floor guide and the box below to act out
short dialogues. Work in pairs.
A: Can I help you at all?
B: Yes, please. I’m looking for a toy train.
A: They are on the fourth floor.
B: Thank you very much.
A: You’re welcome.
VI. Pronunciation. Отработка произношения звуков /i/ и /ai/.
T: Ex. 6 p. 107. Today we also will learn some reading rules.
Yy, Ii - /i/, /ai/. Listen and repeat.
T: Let’s play! Divide into two teams. I’ll read you the words. The task is to
clap when you’ll hear the sound /i/ and then the sound /ai/. Who is the
/i/ - put, it, clean, Lego, swim, sister; big, train, listen, meat, fish, cheese;
/ai/ - like, buy, cake, play, drive; games, rice, idea, toy, tiger
T: Now you can name the words with these sounds. Who is the champion?
VII. Подведение итогов урока.
T: Our lesson is ending. Let’s make a conclusion. Which shops can you see
in a shopping centre? What have you learnt about Hamleys? Would you like
to visit it? What sounds do the letters I and Y have?
T: Thanks a lot. I’m proud of you. A perfect job! Now write down your
homework: SB ex 4 p. 107 learn the dialogue, WB p.65. You can put your
things away and go. Goodbye! Have a good day!