Презентация "What's your hobby?" 11 класс

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Урок по дисциплине «Иностранный язык» на тему: «What’s your hobby?»

Преподаватель: Гараева Зульфия Рашитовна

Active words and word combinations:



be fond of something

любить что-либо

be keen on something

увлекаться чем-либо



collect stamps/ posters/CDs

собирать марки/


enjoy something

любить заниматься чем-либо



free time

свободное время

go in for sports

заниматься спортом

go skating

кататься на коньках

go skiing

кататься на лыжах

go swimming

заниматься плаванием

go to a disco

ходить на дискотеки

go surfing

заниматься серфингом


свободное время



like cooking

любить готовить

listen to music

слушать музыку

play computer games

играть в компьютерные игры

read fiction

читать художественную литературу



science fiction

научную фантастику

love stories

любовные романы

detective stories


spend time

тратить время

money on something

деньги на что-либо

take pictures

take pictures





visit museums

ходить в музеи

Free Time

Students have free time after the lessons, on Saturday and on Sunday, on holidays

Playing computer games

It is a very popular kind of hobby nowadays. People like to work with computer, to play interesting games. But don’t sit more than 2 hours a day at the computer!

Watching TV

It is a popular way to spend free time too. You can watch interesting films, colored cartoons, documental programs, sport competitions, music shows. But don’t sit close to a TV-set!

Listening to music

You can listen to music everywhere: in the house, in the street, in the café, in the car, at the disco. Music improves your mood! But don’t listen it too loudly, it is not good!

Drawing pictures

It is a very interesting kind of hobby. You can draw cats and dogs, trees and flowers, the sun and clouds, houses and cars, boys and girls. You draw with colors: red, blue, green, yellow, brown, grey, black, white, orange, pink, violet.

Reading books

It is a very good and useful hobby. You can read about animals and birds, the rivers and the seas, fantasy countries and heroes. Then you can discuss books with your friends!


It is a very useful kind of hobby. You must walk every day – in the forest, in the yard. Fresh air – is a good thing. You will be healthy and strong. Go walking with your friends every day!

Making toys

It is very interesting to make toys. You can make a pig, a wolf, a fox, a monkey, a mouse, a bear, a hare, an elephant, etc. Then you can present them to your friends!


It is a very beautiful and good kind of hobby. You can visit dancing club after lessons or dance at home. If you can dance well, you can show it at the disco, at the parties with your friends! Enjoy!


It is a very interesting kind of hobby. You can go fishing with your father or friends. It is good to sit at the river, to see the nature. Your mother will be happy to cook fish for you and your family!


It is very interesting to travel by train and by plane, by car and by bus, by ship and by boat. You can see the nature: the sun and clouds, trees and flowers, cities and villages. You can visit interesting places!


Collecting is a very interesting kind of hobby. You can collect books and pens, stamps and stickers, disks and toys. Then you can show your collection to your family and friends! What collection do you have?

Going in for sports

Sports play a very big role in our life. It helps us to be in good form. You can play football, basketball, tennis, golf, badminton, hockey, darts, polo. You can run, jump, swim in the summer and in the winter! You can become a popular sportsman!


Complete the text with the words and phrases from the box.

music, favourite, listen to music, information, news, collect, singers, programmes, compact discs, museums

Rich people often . . . . . . paintings, rare things and other art objects. Often such private collections are given to . . . . . . , libraries. As for me, I like to. . . . . . Therefore I collect. . . .

I like different music. . . . . I collect discs of my favourite groups and. . . . . . . . I carefully study the printed. . . . . . . I try to find everything about my. . . . . . singers. I also like to watch music. . . . . . .on TV. I want to keep up with the. . . . in the world of music.

Rich people often collect paintings, rare things and other art objects. Often such private collections are given to museums, libraries. As for me, I like to listen to music. Therefore I collect compact discs. I like different music programmes. I collect discs of my favourite groups and singers. I carefully study the printed music. I try to find everything about my favourite singers. I also like to watch music news on TV. I want to keep up with the information in the world of music.

Work in pairs. Tell your friend about your hobby. Follow the plan:

  • What is your hobby?
  • Is it easy to find time for your hobby?
  • What training do you have to do?
  • Why do you like it? What do you enjoy most about it?
  • Can you recommend it to other young people? Why?

Thank you for the attention!