Конспект урока "Sport is fun" 7 класс

Разработка урока по английскому языку в 7 классе
(М.З. Биболетова)
Тема: Sport is fun
Цель урока: познакомить учащихся с активной лексикой по теме «Sport» и обеспечить её
первичную отработку в серии речевых упражнений.
Задачи: дидактические:
1) обеспечить в ходе урока усвоение основных понятий по теме “Sport”.
2) закрепить Passive Voice и Complex Object.
3) обучать чтению с общим пониманием.
1) развивать умение догадываться о значении отдельных слов с опорой на языковую и
контекстуальную догадку.
2) практиковать учащихся в умении кратко высказываться на заданную тему.
3) развивать умение соотносить графический образ слова со звуковым.
1) работа и внимание на уроке всех учащихся.
Оборудование: учебники, предметные картинки по теме Sport”, карточки для
индивидуальной работы.
Актуальность: Sport is fun and it is so good for your health. And the health of nation is the main
problem in our country. I think it is so actually now days not only in Russia, but in the whole world.
Ход урока
1. Оргмомент
Т: Good morning, children!
Cl: Good morning, Teacher!
T: It’s nice to see you again! Take your seats, please!
T: Who is on duty today?
P: I am on duty today. Today is Friday, the second of April. Today all are present.
T: What homework had you?
P: We hadn’t any home task.
T: Thank you. Take your seat.
T: Dear children! At this lesson we are going to learn a new topic witch named “Sport is fun” and I
shall meet you with new words and expressions. Sport is very good for your health and that’s why you
must do sports to be healthy and strong.
Warming up
T: What can you say about the weather today?
P1: Weather is fine today. The sun is shining, a little cloudy.
P2: It’s windy, but the wind is warm.
T: And say what can we do in a such fine weather in spring?
P3: We can run, jump and skip.
P4: I like to walk with my friends in a fine day.
T: I agree with you. It is so good for your health.
T- teacher, Cl- class, P,P1,P2…..-pupil
2. Повторение
1) Т: And now first of all we repeat Passive Voice, this rule we learned in third term.
T: Who wants to say us the rule? Lisa, please!
Lisa: Passive Voice- это страдательный залог, не предмет совершает действие, а над ним
осуществляется действие. Образуется при помощи вспомогательного глагола to be + V3(Participle
2). Глагол to be меняется в зависимости от времени.
Т: Thank you, Lisa. And now open your books at page 98, Ex.3.Remake these sentences with the
same meaning using the Passive Voice. (Работа в режиме Т- Р1- Р2- ….).
Все учащиеся выполняют упражнение, кроме учеников , которые работают по карточкам. (
Карточки смотреть в Приложении 1).
Т: Р1, read the example: The old man punished the naughty boy. The naughty boy was punished
by the old man.
T: What tense is in this sentence? Tanya, please you!
Tanya: In active Voice it is Past Simple, the verb “punished”, regular verb, that’s why it will be in
Passive Voice Past Simple too.( was punished) according the rule.
P2: Students use computers at their lessons.- Computers are used at the lessons by students.
(Pr. Simple- use- are used)
P3: The teacher explained the rules of the game to the students.- The rules of the game were
explained to the students by the teacher.(Past Simple: explained- were explained)
P4: Ann cooks a special dinner on the 21
of May.- A special dinner is cooked on the 21
of May by
Ann.(Pr. Simple: cooks- is cooked)
P5: They arranged a nice picnic last month.- A nice picnic was arranged by them last month.( Past
Simple- arranged- was arranged)
P6: The little boy drew these funny pictures.- These funny pictures were drawn by the little boy.(
Past Simple- drew-were drawn)
2) T: And now we are going to do ex.6 on page 99. Before starting we repeat pronouns in Complex
Object.( На доске написаны личные местоимения, напротив которых учащиеся дописывают
местоимения в Complex Object, работа в режиме P1-P2-P3-)
I - me
You - you
He - him
She - her
It - its
We - us
You - you
They - them
T: I see that you know the rule and we do this ex.6 on page 99. Choose the correct pron-
oun: ( задание выполняется самостоятельно)
1. His parents want ……. to behave well at school
а)him b) he c)his
2. I want ……. to pay attention to your grammar.
a) your b)you c)yours
3. They expect ……. to arrange a party
a) I b)my c)me
4. Our teacher expects …….. to think of our future
a) ours b)us c)we
5. Would you like ……. to stay out of trouble?
a) they b)their c)them
T: The time is over and we check up this task. (Дети поочередно отвечают. Правильные ответы
жирным шрифтом )
3) Т: And now we speak about smoking. Express your opinions about smoking and smokers.
P1: I think that smoking is bad for our health.
P2: A Smoker shortens his life with each cigarette.
P3: Smokers don’t care about others
T: Open your books at page 91, ex.138.Read about smoking and make a list of at least 3 reasons why
you shouldn’t smoke. (чтение текста учащимися поочередно в слух, форма текста прилагается,
смотреть в Приложении 2)
P1: I am ready. You shouldn’t smoke because smoking is anti social so a lot of people die every
year of it.
P2: Can I say? Smoking causes lung cancer heart attacks.
P3: Besides, smoking is impolite and simply dangerous for people.
T: Yes, you are right. Thank you.
3.Введение нового материала
Т: Now we understand that smoking is bad for man that’s why you must do sports.
The topic of our lesson today is “Sport is fun”. Look at blackboard! I wrote the question: “Why
people do sport?” And you will answer it at the end of the lesson.
I want ask you some questions:
a) Do you like to do sports?
P1: Yes, I do.
b) Are you sporty?
P2: Yes, I am.
c) What kind of sports do you know?
P3: I know football, basketball, volleyball, tennis.
P4: And I can name boxing, swimming.
d) What is your the most popular sports?
P5: Most of all I like badminton.
e) When and Where did the last winter Olympic Games take part?
P6: In Sochi, 2014.
f) Did the Russian team win in these Olympic Games?
P7: Yes, It won.
Обучение основным коммуникативным умениям.
1. Обучение говорению.
Т: Open your books at page 100, ex. 1. Look at the pictures. Match the pictures and the sports.
(картинки смотреть в Приложении 3)
P1: Football is picture 2.
P2: Ice-skating is 8.
P3: Horse racing, I think number 9.
P4: Boxing 11.
P5: Figure skating is10 and tennis is 12.
P6: Baseball -3, Chess is 4.
P7: Picture 7 pass ice hockey, skiing to picture 6.
P8: Cycling is number 5 and basketball is 1.
T: Which countries are these sports associated with?
Make as a model: Baseball is associated with the USA.
P1: To my mind Greece is associated with cycling.
P2: I think Norway is associated with ice skating.
P3: Finland is associated with skiing.
P4: Canada is associated with hockey.
P5: And I think that Germany is associated with basketball.
P6: Italy is associated with boxing.
P7: Brazil is associated with football.
2. Обучение лексической стороне речи.
T: Page 100, Ex. 2.Word Focus. Read, translate and learn.
Sport ( uncountable ) sport is general. She is not very good at sports/ in sport;
Sports ( countable) a type of sport. Football, tennis, athletics are all sports.
- sports centre, a sports club, a sports fan, a sports car, a sports jacket;
- a fine/ talented sportsman;
- be good at/ be fond of sport;
- do sports;
- watch sports;
- be sporty
T: And now Ex.3, on the same page 100. Listen to and say after me!
Football, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, chess, gymnastics, aerobics, dance, cycling,
Swimming, walking, skiing, ice-skating, horse riding, windsurfing, jumping, running, boxing, figure
skating, wrestling, hockey, judo, kickboxing, polo, rugby, baseball, athle-
tics, handball.
T: Say which of these words are used in Russian?
P1: To my mind there are football, hockey and judo.
P2: And I think there are wrestling, tennis, badminton and volleyball.
P3: Aerobics, gymnastics, windsurfing and kickboxing.
P4: To my mind there are polo, rugby, baseball and handball.
P5: As for me we can name else athletics and boxing.
Ex. exercise
T: And now we are going to do ex.5 on page 101. You must match the sports and the places:
Ice hockey
Skating ring
Roller skating
River/ sea
Figure skating
Cross country running (кросс)
Сycling / skiing
Sports ground
Water skiing (водные лыжи)
Windsurfing(катание на доске под парусом)
Surfing (катание на доске по волнам)
Key: swimming pool , lake, river/sea
ice hockey skating ring
athletics stadium, sports ground, gym
roller skating stadium, street, sports ground
figure skating skating rink
cross country running fields, forest
cycling /skiing fields, street, sports ground, forest
riding fields, forest, sports ground, stadium
tennis court
water- skiing sea, lake, river
windsurfing sea, lake
surfing sea
3. Обучение чтению и говорению.
T: And we continue. Page 100, Ex .4. Read and say what sports these people are taking of. (
режим работы: дети выполняют самостоятельно)
Model : They are talking of football.
a) “A round ball is used in this. Two teams of 11 players kick it. They are not allowed to handle (
брать руками) the ball.
b) “To keep fit they travel by bicycle every weekend. They have visited a lot of places. It’s their
favourite hobby.”
c) “It’s very popular with women. You can do it in a sports centre with music or just follow classes
shown on TV.”
d) “You can play this game at home or in the gym. You need a partner, a table, a small ball, a net
and two small bats (ракетки).”
Key : a) football d) table tennis
b) cycling e) running / walking
c) aerobics f) horse riding
4. Закрепление материала
T: Match these sentences or expressions with sports ( Дети делятся на 2 команды, 2 листка с
заданиями, чья команда быстрее справится), режим работы – групповая.
( задание для команд смотри в Приложении 4)
1. A round ball. You can only a) figure skating
kick it.
2. A small ball, table, small b)boxing
bats (ракетки)
3. One or two men skate. c) football
4. A group of men skate
with a hockey stick and d)hockey
beat a puck (шайба)
5.Two men with gloves e)tennis
beat each other.
T: Look at the blackboard, children! There is a new task for you. You must put these verbs in
brackets in right form: ( дети по очереди выполняют задание, выходя к доске)
1.The last winter Olympic games (to be held) in Vancouver.
2.She ( to be good) in sports.
3.I ( to be fond of ) sport.
4. Ice skating ( to like ) in Russia by many people.
5. Aerobics (to like ) by my sister last year.
Key: 1) were held
2) is good
3) am fond of
4) is liked
5) was liked
T: Listen to me and translate these sentences from Russian into English using Complex
Object.( режим работы –фронтальный)
- Мои родители хотят, чтобы я занимался спортом.
- Тренер хотел бы, чтобы они занимались в спортивном центре.
- Она не ожидала, что мы купим новую машину.
- Он сомневается, что она талантливая спортсменка.
Key: - My parents want me to do sports.
- A Trainer would like them to go to the sports centre.
- She didn’t expect us to buy a new car.
- He doubts her to be a talented sportsman.
5. Заключительная часть урока
T: What is the topic of our lesson?
P: The topic of our lesson is Sport is fun.
T: What did you do at the lesson?
P: We repeated Passive Voice and Complex Object, did exercises.
P: Read, translated and met new topic.
T: What did you like best of all at the lesson?
P: I liked reading and working in groups best of all.
P: And I liked all kind of work at the lesson because it was very interesting.
T: And now try to answer the question witch was written on the blackboard Why people do
sports?”(учащиеся по очереди выходят к доске и дополняют схему, смотреть Приложение 5)
Key: - Sport is fun
- Sport is good
- Sport is healthy
- Sport is good for your legs
- Sport is good to keep fit
T: Dear pupils! Take your dairies, open them and write down the home task: Page 120, Ex.1,2*
and page 100 ( copy the words about sport in your vocabularies).
(сами задания смотри в Приложении 6)
T: Today you worked not bad at the lesson. I give you the following marks: Kate , Polina and
Nastya get “5”, Masha “4”, Maxim and Dan ( работа по карточкам)-“3”,
Stand up! The lesson is over. Good bye, children!
Cl: Good byeTeacher!
Ex. 2* - ( задание на выбор или повышенной сложности)
Приложение 1
Card 1
Choose the correct answer
1. I …. going to school now
a) is b) are c) am
2. He …… sleeping now
a) is b) am c) are
3. We …… about them every day
a) speak b) spoke c) have spoken
4. They ….. us about this yesterday
a) told b) had told c) tell
Card 2
Write articles an, a, the where it’s necessary.
1. I have …… dog. ….. dog is …… black.
2. She is …… pretty girl. Her name is ….. Ann.
3. …… Belovs are in Moscow now. They are from …… London.
4. We like ……. Strong tea. ……. tea is …… hot.
Keys to Cards:
Card 1:
1. c) am 2. a) is 3. a) speak 4. c) told
Card 2:
1. I have a dog. The dog is black.
2. She is a pretty girl. Her name is Ann.
3. The Belovs are in Moscow now. They are from London.
4. We like Strong tea. The tea is hot
Приложение 2
Ex.138, page 91. Read and learn what is said about smoking. Make a list of at least 3 reasons why
you shouldn’t smoke.
We’ve just moved into a new flat. And the first thing I put on one of the walls was a “no smoking”
sing. “That’s anti-social”, said my mother, “you can’t do that”. Oh, yes, I can. And if anything is anti-
social, it is smoking.
Besides being impolite, smoking is, of course, deadly. In Britain about 50 000 people die every year
because of smoking. They die from lung cancer, heart attacks and other causes, too. In fact, statistics show
that a smoker shortens his life by 5,5 minutes with each cigarette.
Smokers say that they don’t care and if they want to kill themselves with tobacco that’s their
Happily, at present smoking is prohibited in many ways. You can see “No smoking” signs in many
theatres, cinemas, trains, buses and restaurants. And in my flat, tood.