Конспект урока "Проблемы на отдыхе"

Ход урока.
1. Приветствие.
Дети выбирают любую фразу на карточке и составляют мини-ситуацию, вовлекая в неё
соседа. Предполагаемые фразы:
How are things?
It could have been worse.
Hard luck!
Nice to meet you!
Whats up?
Im really worried about
Guess what?
Ive never heard of it!
I don’t believe it!
2. Учитель вводит тему, начиная беседу о том, как можно проводить свободное время. Схема
на доске.
3. Текст. Просмотровое чтение. Проблема: опасные ситуации во время отдыха за рубежом.
The thing we would like most of all after long working hours is to go to some distant place to
lie in the sun and to swim in the warm sea. There are a lot of travel agencies which offer to
forget about routine problems and make a reservation in a hotel somewhere in Egypt.
Nowadays such destinations as India and its state Goa have become very popular.
But let’s think what we should know about eastern countries not to be disappointed and even
shocked. You should be well-prepared: e.g. if you go to the mountains you must take proper
equipment not to be cold at the peak, and of course medical insurance is very important. And
remember, you must be very careful swimming in the sea.
Last year a young couple went to Goa on holidays. One day when they were on the beach, the
husband went swimming. Suddenly he screamed. When he came out of water, there were
some red spots on his leg, as he was bitten by some animal. It was an electric ray. It took too
much time to get to the hospital and the man died.
In my opinion, holidays abroad is a great thing, but don’t be light-minded and you will return
home safe and sound!
4. Дискуссия. Ток-шоу.
Дети получают карточки с ролями. У каждого своя проблема. Один из учащихся - ведущий.
На доске карточки с выражениями: In my opinion, I agree/disagree with you.
5. Выводы. Плюсы и минусы отдыха за рубежом.
6. Домашнее задание. Описать одну из проблем на отдыхе.