Конспект урока "Comedies" 10 класс

404100 г. Волжский Волгоградской области МОУ
СОШ с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов
№ 12.
Учитель английского языка старших классов:
Лазарева Татьяна Александровна
Конспект урока по теме “Comedies для 10 класса школ с
углубленным изучением английского языка (6 часов в неделю)
Цели: развитие навыков чтения
установление приоритета мышления над усвоением объема
Задачи: развивать навыки работы с книгой
развивать у учащихся умение выделять главную мысль в
умение выражать свою точку зрения и доказать ее, подкрепляя
информацией из текста
Оборудование: видеосюжет из к\ф «Огни большого города» с
участием Чарли Чаплина; картинки с изображением Чарли
Чаплина; лексика по теме; выражения «Express your opinio
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность учащихся
Организационный момент
Hello, students. Nice to see you at
the lesson. Who is on duty? Who is
absent? What was your home task?
Hello, teacher.
Our home task was to prepare not less
than 5 sentences about one of our
favourite comedy including there
actors or actresses playing, the main
Today the theme of our lesson is
“Comic genius”. The aim of the
lesson is reading for gist, find out
about who an offered text is and
discuss on the text.
As usual we start the lesson with
the words connected with the
theme. Put your lists in front of you
and repeat them after me.
Now make up sentences with the
words “gifted, fantastic, dedicate,
Students repeat the words after the
teacher, then two students read
themselves, then translate some words
from Russian into English and make
up sentences.
См. приложение “Words for the
Your home task was also connected
with the comedies. Let’s work in
groups of three and decide why we
like comedies and what makes
people laugh.
What are your favourite comedies?
Tell several sentences about them.
Students work n groups and give
Students tell their stories.
You have mentioned many famous
comedies and actors. Today I want
you to read the text and work out
with a partner the identity of the
comedian described.
См. приложение 3
Please, read for gist and name the
actor. If you need, use the list of the
words given.
Students read the text, then work out
with a partner the identity of the
comedian described.
If you don’t know the answer, I’ll
give you some clues:
He wore a black bowler hat and a
black suit.
He walked in a funny way and
often carried a walking stick.
He had a small dark moustache.
Если учащиеся не догадываются,
вывешиваю картинки с
изображением нескольких
известных комедийных актеров
на доске и прошу отгадать, о ком
идет речь.
I have chosen an episode from the
film “Lights of a big city” with
Charlie Chaplin in the main role.
What makes you laugh?
Students try to identify the actor, using
the questions and pictures.
It’s Charlie Chaplin.
Students watch the episode and answer
the question.
To understand the text better I ask
you to be divided into3 groups.
Each group receives one part in
order to find out and translate all
unknown words from it. Here are
dictionaries to help you. Choose a
Students work n groups of 3
Students make their lists, using
strategy how to do it better,
because you time is limited 3
minutes. Then make your list of
words and add it to the list given
Change your lists with other groups
to help them with translation.
Students change their lists to add the
words and translate the text.
Divide the text into logical parts
and make up the most suitable
heading for each part.
Students work n groups of 3 and
divide the text;
make up the most suitable heading for
each part
In groups think of the main idea of
the each part for easy retelling
Name the main idea of each part
Whose plan was better?
We will take it as the basic plan of
our retelling
Students choose the best plan and the
leader of the best group writes it on the
What have you known about
Charlie Chaplin? What new
information have you got? I
suggest you drawing and filling in a
table in your copy books. The table
is given on the blackboard.
Students elicit short information from
the text to answer the questions, draw
and fill in the table in their copybooks.
Prior knowledge
Now knowledge
Compare your answers with the
Students compare their answers with
the partner.
Before discussing we need to know
more details about the text that’s
why we must do exercise “Multiple
choice”. You not only choose the
best variant but also provide the
См. приложение 4
Students read the task of the exercise
and do it first yourselves, then
compare their answers in pairs, then
with the class.
Each answer is provided by the parts
of the text orally.
Look at the questions for the
discussion and first discuss them in
groups of 3.
Students discuss the questions in
Now let’s open the discussion to
the whole class. Everybody has a
A leader of each group expresses their
group’s opinion; other students can
chance to express his opinion,
using expression on the blackboard:
From my point of view…
As far as I have understood… etc.
См. приложение 5
join and add their own opinion.
Our lesson is coming to its logical
end. Let’s make a conclusion if we
have achieved our aim, what we have
done for it.
And the main question: “Can we name
Charlie Chaplin “a comic genius”?
One of the students sums up,
answering the questions.
Y Your home task will be: retell the
text according to your (or basic) plan.
Students write down their home task.
What students were the most
Students explain their opinions.
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