Презентация "To be or not to be mobile" 11 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "To be or not to be mobile" 11 класс

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PowerPoint Presentation

  • To be or not to be – that is the question
  • To be or not to be mobile phone

  • Wonderful inventions have been made in science and technology recently. These advances are changing the lifestyle of millions of people all over the world.

  • But we’d like to say about mobile phone.
  • Mobile phone is fantastic invention because it makes easy to
  • communicate with friends, parents, relatives, classmates at
  • any times. Besides with helping mobile phone we can send
  • SMS, MMS, E-mail , use INTERNET,
  • take photos and listen to music.

  • I couldn’t imagine my life without my phone. I need a phone to get in touch with my friends or play games and sending SMS. It is almost impossible for me without my phone.

  • But don’t forget that
  • this phone has
  • negative influence by
  • using very long time.
  • Potential new risk
  • from mobile phone.
  • The rays may cause
  • headache and even
  • more dangerous
  • diseases.

  • We ask not to do with phone :
  • Don’t wear on the neck.
  • 2. Don’t speak on phone when there is thunder.
  • 3. Spend time with phone less.

  • Conclusion
  • People use mobile phones just for communicate with friends, parents. Some young people
  • Use the phone for sending SMS, MMS, E – Mail. So there is less personal contact than there
  • Used to be, and there is not a good thing. Sometimes it is better to talk to people than call on phone
  • Besides people must understand that mobile phone has negative aspects: its radio waves
  • Influence on brains and it can be cause of developing cancer.
  • That’s enough
  • How the Russian proverb says