Викторина "Достопримечательности Лондона" 5 класс

Викторина «Достопримечательности Лондона».
Вариант I.
I. False or true?
1) Tower Bridge is London’s most famous bridge in England.
2) This bridge was built in 1894 but it is not in use now.
3) Westminster was built between 1940-1960.
4) . Nearly all the English Kings and Queens were crowned in the
Westminster Abbey.
5) The Buckingham Palace is the centre of the Royal power.
6) There are nearly 6 millions rooms in the Palace.
7) Two men work full-time to look after the 300 clocks in
Buckingham Palace.
8) St. Paul’s Cathedral was built by an architect whose name was
Christopher Wren.
II. Choose the correct variant:
1) …. is famous as the home of British Monarchy.
a) London, b) Wales, c) Moscow
2) Nelson’s Column (52 m), with the statue of Admiral Nelson on top, rises in the
center of ….
a) Piccadilly Circus, b) Trafalgar Square, c) Hyde Park
3) The symbol of Great Britain is ….
a) Tower of London, b) Trafalgar Square, c) Big Ben
4) …. is one of the most famous bridges in London.
a) Tower Bridge, b) Tower of London, c) Big Ben
III. What places of interest in London do you like best of all and why? Write down
your answer.