Тест "If you are unhealthy who is responsible for it?" 8 класс

Appendix 3
Crazy Questions
Из трех вариантов ответов ученикам необходимо выбрать один
правильный ответ и записать соответствующую букву. Таким образом,
должно получиться слово (health).
1. How do we call "the front of the neck"?
head (n);
chest (g);
throat (h).
2. An organ in the mouth used for tasting, swallowing or speaking.
lip (a);
tongue (e);
tooth (o).
3. A feeling of being hurt.
pain (a);
joy (y);
laugh (i).
4. To force air from lungs with a sudden, sharp sound.
to have lunch (m);
to cough (1);
to play chess (r).
5. The right food keeps you ...
well (t);
ill (k);
funny (p).
6. Never... to keep fit.
laugh (x);
eat (1);
smoke (h).
Change the Words
Учитель предлагает группам выполнить задание на карточках. Каждая
группа получает карточку с набором слов для составления предложений.
Задание на карточке: Put the words in the logical order:
1. Wealth, is, good, above, health. (Good health is above wealth.)
2. Healthy, fit, food, to, eat, food, keep. (Eat healthy food to keep fit.)
3. Be, take, a, shower, cool, to, healthy. (Take a cool shower to be healthy.)
4. Your, eat, wash, hands, before, you. (Wash your hands before you eat.)
5. Sweets, are, too, bad, many, teeth, for, your. (Too many sweets are bad for your teeth.)