Презентация "Unusual sports. Необычные виды спорта" 8 класс

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Unusual sports Фонетическая зарядка
  • Accuracy-точность
  • Free-fall-свободное падение
  • Descend-спускаться
  • Execute-исполнять
  • Steer-управлять
  • Fearlessness-отсутствие страха
  • A car tyre-машинная шина
  • Injury-повреждение
  • Glacier-ледник
  • Axe-топор
  • Mental-умственный
  • Cush-подкладывать подушку
A Skydiving
  • Skydiving consist of jumping with a parachute, out of an airplane for recreation or in competitions. Competitive events include jumping for style, landing with accuracy, and making free-fall formations.
  • Modern skydivers typically free-fall from 3657m above the ground until 762m, where they open their parachutes.
В Skiboarding
  • Skiboarding is the art of descending a hill on skihoards.
  • Skiboards are basically a cross between skis and £ snowboard. They are about half the length of regular skis (bet­ween 80 and 100 cm long), and about twice as wide. The design allows the rider to dc everything that skiers and snowboarders do plus go backwards, turn 360's on the ground, execute one foot turns and perform more tricks than was ever thought possible on normal skis.
С Bungee jumping
  • Bungee jumping consists of jumping from a great height while attached to a long piece of elastic that is just short enough to prevent the jumper from hitting the ground.
D Base jumping
  • Base jumping consists of jumping with a parachute from high places such as buildings or mountains.
E Street luge
  • Street luge is the
  • pavement version of ice luge. Both involve lying flat on your back and steering a luge not much bigger than a skateboard with your head just inches off the ground. Complete fearlessness is essential for this sport, as well as a thick piece of rubber, preferably from a car tyre, as footwear. Top lugers can reach speeds of 145 kilometres per hour, yet their only way of braking is to use their feet, which often causes painful injuries.
F Ice-climbing
  • Ice-climbing
  • As the name sug­gests, practioners of this activity climb glaciers with the aid of an ice axe and a great deal of other specialist equipment. As well as all the equipment, incredible physical and mental strength are essential, together with the ability to work closely with other team members in the most dangerous situations.
G Zorbing
  • Zorbing is the latest adventure experience from New Zealand. It involves rolling around in a ball, or zorb three metres in diameter. It requires no more skill than a hamster running in its wheel as centrifugal force keeps the zorbonaut pinned inside the zorb. Although zorbonauts have hurtled downhill at speeds of 50 kilometres per hour, the air cushioning inside means they do not risk hurting themselves too seriously.