Упражнения "What ads woo our wallets best?"

1. I am sitting on a little goldmine with that camera of mine.
a) My camera can give me a lot of opportunities to earn money.
b) I am working on a goldmine with my camera.
2. Buddy helped him draft the advertisement.
a) Buddy helped him to choose the advertisement.
b) Buddy helped him to write the advertisement.
3. Leaves your hands free for brain surgery.
a) Your hands will be free and you’ll be able to do brain surgery.
b) Brain surgery will be done free.
4. The bar of chocolate came away in his fingers.
a) He lost the bar of chocolate.
b) The bar of chocolate appeared in his hands.
5. Suddenly a commercial will flash on to the screen.
a) Suddenly a commercial will appear on the screen.
b) Suddenly a commercial will dash the screen.
Упражнение 2
give true information; do not talk about the products' defects; (are) misleading
(дезинформируют); show life unrealistically; put pressure on consumers
(оказывают давление на покупателей); famous people endorse (рекламируют)
products; teach you how to get the best value for your money; help you choose
best products; help to improve your taste; (are) creative/informative; are
silly/annoying; convince people to buy things they don't need
Good points
Bad points