Презентация "My Favourite Season" 3 класс

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My Favourite Season

My Favourite Season

What season is the best?

Sing the song!

Guess the season!

  • Is it spring? Is it autumn?
  • Is it summer? Is it winter?

Hello, boys and girls! It’s me!

I`ve got my favourite season.

It`s summer. It`s snowy and windy.

It`s cloudy.

I can play snowballs.

I can ski and skate!

I like summer!

Hello, my friends!

  • 1. My favourit seson is sprin.
  • 2. It worm.
  • 3. It isn’t could.
  • 4. I cen go for a wolk.
  • 5. I cen clim a tre.
  • 6. I lake sprin.


  • Ilikeautumn.
  • Itswarmandrainy.
  • Icaneattomatoesandcucumbers.
  • Icanreadbooks.
  • Icangotoschool.
  • Autumnismyfavouriteseason.

It’s time to dance!

Hi, children!

My favourite season is…



Summer autumn winter spring in summer in autumn in winter in spring

My favourite season is _______.

It’s cold. I can play ice-hockey ________.

My favourite season is _______.

It’s warm and sunny. I can go for a walk________.

My favourite season is _______.

It’s hot and sunny. I can play football ________.

My favourite season is _______.

It’s beautiful. I go to school ________.

My favourite season is…

Winter, spring, summer, autumn

Your home task is:

(WB) Ex.4 p. 107,ex.2 p.108

See you on Friday! Bye-bye 