Конспект урока "Air Travel. In-flight security" 6 класс

Департамент образования города Москвы
Государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
«Гимназия №1272»
По теме «Air Travel. In-flight security»
УМК:New Matrix for Russia. Учебник для 6 класса
Paul Kelly, Elena Khotuntseva
Желтоногина А.Ю.
Москва, 2016
Тип урока: урок формирования и совершенствования лексического навыка.
Практическая задача урока:
Формировать и совершенствовать лексические навыки учащихся по теме Air
Travel и тренировать их в системе УРУ
Образовательная задача:
Ознакомить учащихся с правилами поведения на борту самолета в экстренных
Способствовать развитию само- и взаимоконтроля учащихся (на основе режима
проверки трансформационного УРУ)
Развивающая задача:
Способствовать развитию ситуативной и контекстуальной догадки учащихся (на
основе вопросов-предположений, работы с текстом);
Способствовать развитию внимания учащихся (на основе работы с текстом)
Воспитательная задача:
Способствовать развитию творческого отношения к учебной деятельности а
основе ролевой игры – imagine that you are the cabin crew)
Способствовать развитию ответственного отношения у учащихся к правилам
безопасности (на основе заключительной беседы).
Ход урока.
I. Организационный этап. 2 мин.
T: Can you stand up, please? Hello, children.
P-s: Hello, teacher.
T: I’m glad to see you.
P-s: I’m glad to see you, too.
T: Thank you. Sit down. How are you today?
P-s: I’m fine, thank you. And you?
T: I’m also fine, thank you. We have this dialogue every day. Now let me change
it a little bit. Can you imagine different situation?
Welcome on board Flight 1272. Your aircraft is under my command now. Our
flying time will be approximately 45 minutes.
So, where are you now?
P1: In an airplane?
T: Good! And can you guess our today’s topic?
P2: Travelling by air?
T: Great!
II. Основной этап (совершенствование лексического навыка). 40 мин.
1) Активизация знаний (мозговой штурм).
T: Very good. So today we are speaking about air travels. And first of all let’s
revise what we’ve already learnt on the topic. So, what associations do you have
with the collocation “air travel”? First discuss it in pairs. You have one minute to
put down your own ideas. Then we’ll check it altogether and compare. So, let’s
start. Work in pairs and revise as many words as you can. You’ve got 1 minute.
Необходимые ЛЕ: departure, fasten the seatbelts, aisle, alarm call, lifejacket,
emergency exit, overhead lockers.
T: So time’s up. Let’s compare what you have. P2, what are your 2 associations?
P2: Check-in desk, flight-attendant.
T: Ok, P3, your 2 ...
P3: …
T: Okay, perfect! We’ve got a great number of words. Look at these words (см.
Необходимые ЛЕ). Do you understand all of them? Let’s check. Can you mime
how you fasten your seatbelts?
Проверка понимания данных ЛЕ: пантомима, примеры ситуаций.
T: So, looking at these very words can you guess now what we are going to
speak about today exactly? What’s our topic?
P: Emergency?
T: Near. Any other ideas? What rules do we have to avoid emergency situations?
P: Safety?
2) Организация ознакомления с материалом на основе контекста.
T: Great! So we’re speaking today about in-flight security. So now let’s divide
into groups. Three of you, four of you… Ok, good.
Now I’ll spread you the texts, your task is to guess the meaning of the words on
the board from the context. Find and try to explain them in your own words. Don’t
forget to work in your group. You’ve got 5 minutes.
На доске: electronic devices, oxygen masks, adjust, life vests, exit row.
См. Приложение 1
3) Проверка понимания. Семантизация ЛЕ.
T: Can you give me some examples of electronic devices? Group 1.
G1: mobile phones, computers…
T: Great. And can you show me how you adjust oxygen masks? G2.
G2 пантомимой изображают (вероятно ошибочное понимание слова как
«прижать», необходимо объяснить ученикам истинное значение слово
«регулировать»). G1, G3, do you agree?
Учитель помогает объяснить значение слов (если ученики не могут найтись
с ответом).
4) Тренировка (имитация)
T: Good job! And, now, please, give me full answers to my questions.
1) What’s your favourite electronic device? – My favourite electronic device is …
2) Have you ever tried an oxygen mask on? Yes, I have/ No, I haven’t tried an
oxygen mask on.
3) Do you often adjust the seat belt in the plane? Yes I often adjust No, I
adjust … sometimes.
4) Have you ever tried a life vest on? Yes, I’ve tried …
5) Do you like sitting in the exit rows? No, I don’t like …
5) Тренировка (подстановка).
T: Very good. Now let’s try our knowledge. Fill in the gaps with the right word.
Совместное выполнение упражнений на подстановку (на экране).
См. Приложение 2.
6) Тренировка (трансформация).
T: So it was excellent. Now let’s check how well you do it yourself. Be careful,
now the task is a little bit harder. You also have to change forms of the words.
You have 3 minutes for this task.
Индивидуальная работа с раздаточным материалом.
См. Приложение 3.
T: Okay, times up. Now exchange your papers with your neighbour. Right
answers are on the screen. Please, take your pencils and check the works.
You’ve got 1 minute.
Okay, exchange your works back. Who has one or no mistakes? That’s an
excellent mark. Two mistakes? That’s a good mark. Three?...
7) Физ. минутка.
T: Great. Now look at the screen, please. Sometimes all of us feel uncomfortable
in flight. Let’s try to do some in-flight exercises.
См. Приложение 5
8) Тренировка (репродукция).
Просмотр видео-демонстрации по технике безопасности во время
А)Постановка коммуникативной задачи.
T: Now you are going to watch an in-flight security demonstration video. Watch
and listen to the instructions very attentively, be ready to explain the flight-
attendant’s gestures to your friend who has missed the demonstration.
Б) Просмотр https://youtu.be/syozl4DAPs4
В) Проверка понимания.
T: Good. And now I want you to explain my gestures.
Учитель пантомимой показывает ученикам процедуры: положить ручную
кладь но полку, пристегнуть ремень, надеть и зафиксировать кислородную
маску, пройти к экстренным выходам, надеть спасательный жилет и надуть.
Ученики отгадывают действия (put the hand baggage into the overhead
T: Now let’s work in groups again. Imagine you’re the cabin crew and ought to
instruct your passengers. Make short and clear instructions what must they do in
the case of emergency, then act it out like you are a real flight-attendant. You
have 5 minutes to prepare and only 2 minutes for your performance.
См. Приложение 4
III. Завершающий этап. 3 мин.
T: Okay, time has finished. Which performance did you like most? Yes, it
was really great. However, I think all of you were brilliant… (оценка
T: Well, who can tell me, what have we learnt today?
P: Rules of in-flight safety.
T: Why should we know these rules?
P: They are necessary to keep us safe in cases of emergency.
T: Great. And not only us but people around also. Thank you. So your home
task is to revise all material of the unite, for this do p. in your Student’s
On behalf of 1272 Airlines and the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for joining
us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the
near future. Please, rate how much did you like this flight in the back of your
fill-in exercise blanks. Have a nice day! См. Приложение 6
Приложение 1
We’ll be taking off in a moment, so please make sure your hand baggage is kept
securely, either in overhead lockers or under the seat in front of you. Mobile
phones and other electronic devices should be turned off.
There are six exits on this plane 3 doors, on each side. All exits are clearly
marked with an exit sign. Please take the time to find the exit nearest you. If
you’re seated in an exit row, please review the responsibilities for emergency exit
seating, on the safety information card which is in your seat pocket. If you are
unable, or prefer not to do this, please let us know, and we will be happy to find
you another seat.
If there is a loss of cabin pressure, the panels above your seat will open, and
oxygen masks will drop down. If this happens, place the mask over your nose and
mouth, and adjust it as necessary. Be sure to adjust your own mask before helping
In the event of a water landing, life vests are under your seat.
Whenever the seat belt sign is on, please make sure your seat belt is fastened.
Thank you for your attention. We hope you enjoy your flight!
Приложение 2
Fill in the gaps with the words in the box below.
Devices adjust exit row emergency fasten
oxygen masks life vest
1. You can __________ the volume of the TV. If it is too loud, turn the volume down. If it
is too quiet, turn the volume up.
2. ___________________ will drop down from the panels above your seat if there is a
loss of cabin pressure.
3. In case of an _______________, call the police.
4. The flight will be landing in a moment, so please ____________ your seatbelts and
securely stow all electronic devices.
5. You must put on a _________________ while travelling by boat.
6. The Japanese have invented many interesting electronic ______________.
7. I don’t like seating in an __________________. There are no windows and I can’t
see the views.
Приложение 3
Fill in the gaps using the right forms of the words in the box below.
Device adjust exit row emergency exit fasten
overhead locker oxygen mask life vest
1) Being on board you should know all the nearest _______________
_________________________ to you.
2) I’ve _______________ it right to my size.
3) There was such strong turbulence that our _________________________
_______________________ dropped down.
4) It’s hard to imagine our world without electronic __________________.
They help us in every sphere of our life: work, education, health caring,
travelling, etc.
5) The passengers put their hand luggage into the ________________
6) I never sit in _____________________. You can’t see anything from there.
7) _______________________________ are especially important while
travelling by sea.
8) I’ve never ________________ the seatbelts, but now I always do.
Приложение 4
Imagine that you are the cabin crew members. One of you is the captain
and the others are flight attendants.
Make up the list of short security instructions for your passengers (5-6
sentences), use Imperative Mood:
E.g. Put your hand baggage into the nearest overhead locker.
Useful vocabulary: electronic devices, emergency exit, oxygen masks, life vests, seat
Presentation. Remember: you have only 2 minutes for it!
Captain ought to tell the passengers the instructions. Don’t forget to greet and thank
them for their attention.
Flight-attendants mime to demonstrate Captain’s instructions.