Итоговый тест за 7 класс по УМК Афанасьевой О.В., Михеевой И.В.

Final Test (the 7
Choose the correct variant
1) ……the 31
of December we usually gather with my family.
a) at b) on c) in d) for
2) I have a sick granny whom we look……..because she lives with us.
a) at b) for c) in d) after
3) My friend Tim has a talent……sport.
a) of b) from c) for d) in
4) Yesterday we decorated the class …….. bright balls, flags, toys.
a) with b) of c) in d) for
5) Do you give your friends presents ……Easter?
a) on b) at c) in d) for
6) The Residence of the Queen when she lives in London is……
a) Windsor Castle b) Buckingham Place
c) Hollyrood House d) The Queen Elizabeth Palace
7) The Prime Minister lives …….Downing Street.
a) ten b) three c) two d) eight
8) In the center of London there is…..
a) Hyde Park b) Whitehall
c) The Houses of Parliament d) Trafalgar Square
9) John ………….. in the street when he ……….. Mary at 7 o’clock yesterday.
a) was walking/meets b) was walking/met c) walks/is meeting d) was walked/meet
10) Charles ……….. a fire two hours ago.
a) burns b) was burning c)burn d) burnt
11) She ………… a fire every morning.
a) burns b) burnt c) is burning d) was burning
12) Children …………….. football at 5 o’clock yesterday.
a) plays b) were playing c) played d) are playing
13) He ………….. the flat and Christmas tree at the moment.
a) decorated b) is decorating c) decorates d) were decorating
14) They …………..home last week.
a) returnt b) were returning c) returned d) returns
15) Mike is ________ than his brother Dave.
a) younger b) most young c)young d) the youngest
16) Tom is the _________ pupil in our class.
a) goodest b) better c) best d)good
17) Kate is as _________ as Mary. They are very nice girls.
a) pleasant b) pleasanter c) more pleasant d) the most pleasant
18) There are __________ sweets in the vase.
a) little b) many c) much d) few
19) There is ________tea in the cup.
a) a few b) many c) few d) little
20) Have you got _______ books about England?
a) some b) any c) much d) little
21) On Sunday evenings my friends often _____________ the news on the radio.
a) listen b) hear c) listen to d) here
22) My granddad Billy celebrated the eighty-sixth birthday last month. He can’t ___________ well.
a) listen b) hear c) listen to d) here
23) Look at these nice trainers ____________ I bought in London last summer.
a) who b) which c) whose d) whom
24) Do you know the man ____________ is standing near the cafe?
a) who b) which c) whose d) whom
25) This wonderful greeting card is ____________.
a) she b) her c) hers d) her’s
26) Tim and Mike spent ___________ winter holidays in the Alps.
a) they b) their c) theirs d) there
27) The weather is not ___________ today.
a) rain b) raining c) rains d) rainy
28) My uncle Fred works in the city gallery as a _____________.
a) painting b) painter c) paint d) painted
29) I __________ to watch Russian films.
a) am liking b) likes c) like d) was liking
30) _______________ when the clock struck midnight?
a) did you hear b) were you hearing c) are you hearing d) did you heard