Презентация "The Beatles" 9 класс

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  • The Beatles
influential – влиятельная pop group – популярная группа performer – представление included – включать imaginative – воображаемая catchy – легко запоминающаяся split - распадаться The Beatles one of Britain's most influential pop groups, first perform in 1959 in Liverpool. The group included: Paul McCarti (born 1942), John Lennon (1940), George Harrison (1943) and Ringo Starr — real name Richard Starkey (1940). At first, the group performed music that was influence by American rock'n'roll. However, their experimental song imaginative lyrics and catchy melodies soon became very pop lar. Their records were consistently top of the pop music char in the 60s. The Beatles split up in 1970 group The Beatles is a famous__________. singes composer London The first perform was in 1959 in _________. Moscow Liverpool 1980 The Beatles split up in___________. 1975 1970
  • group
  • Liverpool
  • 1970
  • "Yesterday"
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