Сценарий "Прогулка по Лондону" 9 класс

Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия на английском языке по теме
"Прогулка по Лондону"
в 9 классе.
Учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ №9 г. Георгиевска
Ставропольского края
Оганесян Мариэтта Георгиевна.
Цели: Расширить и закрепить знания учащихся о достопримечательностях
Образовательная: Формировать у учащихся навык применения ранее
усвоенных знаний в новой ситуации.
Развивающая: Развивать умения и навыки владения иноязычной
коммуникативной деятельностью; стимулировать интерес к изучению
предмета; развивать кругозор.
Воспитательная: Воспитывать культуру общения, приобщать к культурному
и историческому наследию народа страны изучаемого языка.
Оснащение мероприятия: Компьютер, мультимедийное оборудование,
«Добро пожаловать в Лондон»
Ход мероприятия.
Good morning, everybody!
I am very happy to see you at our competition. It is devoted to London. We’ll
speak about this beautiful city and its sights. There are two teams at the
competition. I hope you’ll show excellent knowledge and our competition will be
interesting. The rules are simple - for every right answer you’ll get one point. Let’s
start our competition and introduce our teams to each other.
The name of the first team is “Lions”, the name of the second team is “Eagles”.
Now choose the captains.
The 1
task: There are 3 questions to every team.
1. Where is the UK situated? 1. What are the countries of the UK?
2. Which island is the largest one? 2. Name the capitals of
the UK
3. What separates Great Britain 3. What river does London stand on?
from the continent?
The 2
task: Make up words from the given letters.
thsorcilak (historical) abyeb (Abbey)
ondnlo (London) vesnra (ravens)
cailermmoc (commercial) onercomsimsi
owter (tower) meliantpar (parliament)
aresqu (square) menackni (nickname)
betalt (battle) arwhesv (wharves)
The 3d task:
Make up and translate sentences with the given words.
1. Of, cities, our, a population, eight, it, planet, on, people with, is, one, the largest,
about, of, million.(it is one of the largest cities on our planet with a population of
about eight million people)
2. The most, historical, and, circumstances, geographical, made, important, center,
cultural, have, London, commercial, and.(historical and geographical
circumstances have made London the most important commercial and cultural
3. Is, center, the, of, Trafalgar, London, Square.(the center of London is Trafalgar
1. Nelson, at, Trafalgar, the French, Admiral, in, defeated, the battle, of,
1805.(Admiral Nelson defeated the French at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805)
2. Is, now, it, and, palace, a museum, a prison, was, later, it, a royal, now.(later it
was a royal palace and a prison, it is a museum now)
3. Where, church, famous, a royal, is, people, Westminster, are, Abbey, buried
(Westminster Abbey is a royal church where famous people are buried).
The 4th task: (for captains) Give the answer immediately.
1. How old is London? (London is about two thousand years old)
2. Who defeated the French in 1805? (Admiral Nelson)
3. What birds live in the Tower of London? (black ravens)
4. What is Westminster Abbey? ( a royal church where famous people are buried)
5. What is the seat of the British Government? (the Houses of Parliament).
1. What made London important commercial and cultural center? (historical and
geographical circumstances)
2. What is the center of London?(Trafalgar Square)
3. Why was the Tower of London built?(to protect city)
4. When was the Houses of Parliament rebuilt?(1850)
5. When was Tower Bridge built?(1894)
Музыкальная пауза
The 5
Do crossword puzzle.
Across: 1.Tower of London. Down: 1. Westminster
2.Trafalgar Square. 2. St. Paul’s
3.Christopher Wren. 3. The Tower of
4. Big Ben.
The 6
Fill in the gaps.
The 7
task: Give the name of the sight.
1. It’s the most famous clock in the world (Big Ben).
2. It’s the center of London (Trafalgar Square).
3. Famous people are buried there (Westminster Abbey)
4. It’s a seat of the British Government (the Houses of Parliament).
5. Queen Elizabeth lives there (Buckingham Palace).
6. It is still in daily use (Tower Bridge).
7. Black ravens live there (The Tower of London).
8. It’s a work of Christopher Wren).
The 8
task: Tell some sentences about the sights of London.
1. Trafalgar Square. 2. Big Ben.
2. The Tower of London. 3. Tower Bridge.
3. Westminster Abbey. 4. St. Paul’s Cathedral.
While our jury will be summing up let’s see a beautiful presentation devoted to the
sights of London.
Подведение итогов.