Презентация по английскому языку "Sport in our life'' 7 класс

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  •  ''A sound mind in a sound body''
  • Skating Figure skating Golf Chess Tennis Badminton Rowing Boxing Basketball Ice hockey Sailing Skiing Horseracing Baseball Volleyball Rugby Running Cricket
  • Do you do any sports? Which one(s)?
  • Which sports do you enjoy watching?
  • Which sports do you hate watching?
  • Are you (or anyone in your family) a fan of a sports team? Which one?
  • Do you (or they) watch their matches? Where?




1. Football

2. Boxing

3. Tennis

4. Rowing

5. Golf

6.. Sailing

7. Basketball

8. Ice hockey

9. Snooker

10. Archery

11. Skating

12. Skiing

1.a T-shirt, shorts, knee-length socks

2. a T-shirt, shorts, gloves

3. a T-shirt, shorts

4. a waterproof jacket

5. a white shirt,  white trousers

6. trainers

7.a sport jacket

8. a sport jacket,

9. a white shirt, trousers, shoes

10. a sport jacket

11. a sport jacket, mittens

12.a ski cap, a ski suit

1. a goal and a ball

2. boxing gloves

3.a racket and a ball

4. a boat

5. a club and a ball

6.a yacht

7. a basketball and a ring

8. a stick and a puck

9. a cue, a table, balls

10. a bow and  arrows

11. skates

12. skis, ski poles and ski boots

  • Basketball was...(1)  by Dr. James A. Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts. Today, basketball is usually played (2) ....... on a court.
  • There are ten players in a team but only five of them are on the court at the (3)...... time. A game consists of two halves of 29 minutes each, so a complete game lasts (4)....... minute’s altogether. At each end of the court there is a basket and the object of the game is to throw the ball into the (5)....... basket and score as many points as possible.
  • 1. a) made b) invented c) called d)  born
  • 2. a) out b) in c) into d) indoors
  • 3. a) other b) right c) same d) wrong time
  • 4.  a) twenty b) forty c) sixty d) ten minutes
  • 5. a) opponent’s b) team’s c) club’s d) man’s
Key: 1.-invented 2-indoors 3- same 4-forty 5-oppnent’s
  • Homework
    • Prepare two-minute talk on the theme “My favorite sport (game). Remember to say some historical facts about your sport (game).
    • Think about some facts to prove that it is useful to go in for sports (mini- work in writing)
Thank you for your attention