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What do you do about the house?

Unit 3

  • Are you a good helper?

What do you do about the house?

Make the bed[ ‘meik ðə ‘bed]

Wash the dishes [‘wɒʃ ðə ‘diʃɪz]

Feed our pets [‘f ı:d ‘aʊə ‘petz]

Gather apples [‘ɡæðə ‘æplz]

Set the table [‘set ðə ‘teibl]

Clean the car [kli:n ðə kɑ:]

Sweep the paths [‘swi:p ðə ’pa:Ɵ(s)]

Cook meals [kʊk mi:lz]

Dust the furniture [‘dΛst ðə ‘fɜ:nitʃə]

Work in the garden [wɜ:k in ðə ɡɑ:dn]

Let’s work with this small poem:

I help my mum

I help my dad

I clean the car

I make the bed

What is English for «мыть посуду»?

Wash the dishes

What is English for « застилать постель»?

Make the bed

What is English for «готовить еду»?

Cook meals

What is English for « Кормить наших питомцев»?

Feed our pets

What is English for « мыть машину»?

Clean the car

What is English for « собирать яблоки»?

Gather apples

What is English for « работать в саду»?

Work in the garden

What is English for «вытирать пыль с мебели»?

Dust the furniture

What is English for « накрывать на стол»

Set the table

What is English for «подметать дорожки»?

Sweep the path(s)

Ask your friend how he (she) helps about the house.

Who do you usually help?

I usually help…

Do you like helping about the house?

I (don’t) like…

What do you usually do about the house?

I usually…

Does your mother tell you: “You are a good helper?”

Yes, she does\ No, she doesn’t

Make the crossword














Найдите слова : кормить, накрывать, мыть( убирать), работать, мести, собирать

Read the text and answer my questions

My brother and I always help mum and dad to work in the garden. I help dad to sweep the paths and Ann helps mum with the roses. I often help my brother. I help him to make the bed, gather toys. We often play together. We play football and watch cartoons.

1.Who do they usually help?

2.What do they do about the house?

3.What do they play?

Tell us, what do you do about the house?

There is a lot of work to do about the house.

I usually help ….

I help my mum to….

I often….

I always….

I sometimes….

I … too.