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Презентация "Рестораны" 10 класс

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At the restaurant

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  • Italian food, or at least pizza and pasta, is an international phenomenon. As in many countries, children in Britain grow up eating spaghetti, and take away pizza is one of the top fast foods. But there is another reason why Italian restaurants have a special place in the history of food in Britain. There has been an Italian community there for more than 100 years, and Italian coffee bars and restaurants in the 1950s and 1960s gave the British their first introduction to foreign food. Once their natural conservatism had been broken down by a cappuccino and a plate of lasagne, Londoners were ready to experiment. Soon the whole country was enjoying the food of Italy.
  • The British use the general term Indian although many, if not most, of the restaurants are actually Pakistani; others are Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan. The general term curry is used to describe a wide range of different dishes; what they have in common are strong colours, smells and flavours. Spices and herbs are the essence of Indian cooking: garlic, chilies, coriander, ginger, cumin and many others. In fact, Indian food is totally different from traditional British food – and yet it has become massively popular. In Britain there are more Indian restaurants than any other type. They are not only in the big cities – you will find one in almost every small town. Curry is now officially the country’s most popular restaurant dish, having overtaken the traditional fish’n’ chips! More than two million British people go out for an Indian meal each week. Add to that the millions of ready-made Indian meals which are bought in supermarkets and taken home to the microwave – and all the Indian-style meals that the British now cook themselves, with varying degrees of success!
  • Выполнила: Бойкова Елена, ученица 10а класса

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  • Chinese restaurant menus often have more than 100 different dishes on them. There are several reasons for this. Chinese history goes back a long way, and ancestors and traditions are important; so the old ways – and the old recipes – are not forgotten. Also, China is a very big country, with distinct regions such as Beijing, Szechuan and Guangzhou, each having its own cuisine. But most important is the Chinese way of eating: they like lots of different, small dishes at a meal rather than one or two big ones. Meat, fish, chicken and vegetables are often stir-fried in a wok: cooked quickly without much oil. The results are fresh and delicious, and should be eaten immediately. (Take away Chinese food is often very disappointing – it loses that all – important freshness).
  • There are a lot of Greeks in Britain, but actually not many come from Greece. Most are from the island of Cyprus, which used to be British. Their most typical dish, the kebab (meat and salad in an envelope of hot pitta bread), is perfect for eating in the street: that is why there are so many Greek and Turkish take away restaurants. But the Greeks are also famous for creating an atmosphere in their restaurants, with bouzouki music and traditional dancing, sometimes on the tables.
  • Greek food has really caught on in Britain. In every supermarket you will find hummus, taramasalata, Greek yoghurt and pitta bread.

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