Конспект урока "Food and products" 6 класс

Разработка урока «Food and products»
Учитель: Георгиевская Анжелика Михайловна
Тема: «Food and products»
Раздел 3 Что люди любят есть (What people like to eat?)
Учебник: «Enjoy English 5-6» Биболетова М.З.
Класс 6
Цели урока:
Учебный аспект:
- обучать лексической стороне речи
Развивающий аспект:
- развивать навыки творения, аудирования иноязычной речи на слух, чтение.
Воспитательный аспект:
- воспитывать уважение и толерантное отношение друг к другу, умения
работать в паре, группе.
1.Активизировать изученную лексику
2.Познакомить (прослушать), отработать диалогическое единство «За
3.Развивать умения и навыки монологической и диалогической устной речи:
высказывать и обосновывать своё мнение.
4.Контролировать монологические и диалогические высказывания учащихся.
Дополнительный материал: аудиозаписи 2 шт., раздаточный материал-
«Рецепты блюд», диалог- «За столом».
На доске:
- дата, день недели
- слова по теме продукты
- глаголы (hurt, destroy, help, keep, make,have)
- прилагательные (good, bad, bitter, sweet, fat, fast,salty)
- рецепт борща
- домашнее задание
Ход урока:
Teacher: Look at the pictures and guess the theme of our lesson. You are right, the
topic of our discussion is food and products people eat. We’ll speak, read, and
listen to some records on topic.
I. Warming up. Speaking about date, day, season, weather.
II. Phonetic drill.
Look at the blackboard and read the words after me all together.
На доске: honey, onion, pepper, bread, meat, sugar, garlic, sweet, orange, coffee,
oil, Mars, cheese, seafood, cucumber, apple, tomato, butter, cereal, toast, pancakes,
hamburger, fish;
Hurt, help, keep, have, destroy, make;
Bitter, sweet, fat, fast food, salty;
Good, bad.
III. Speaking drill.
1. Say if these products are good or bad for us? And why?
It is healthy because…
It is unhealthy because…
It is good for our eyes, bones, stomach…
It destroys our health, teeth, eyes…
It helps to keep our eyes…
It makes our body strong.
It has a lot of vitamins, calcium…
It is good, bad because…
2. The food can be sweet, bitter, fat, fast food.
Which products are sweet (bitter, fat, fast)? You can also add your own variant.
IV. Home task.
Well, tell the class how often you eat fast food. What kind of fast food do you
usually eat? Is it healthy or not?
V. A game «What is in your hand? »
Try to guess the product (sweet, chocolate, garlic, onion, cucumber, apple, orange,
potato, carrot)
VI. Let us do Ex. 36 p. 134.
Do you know what these things are made from?
VI. Guess the dish.
- Some milk, some eggs, some salt and oil omelet
- Some yeast, some flower, some eggs, water, oil, salt and sugar pancakes
- Some sausage, some eggs, some potatoes, carrot and cucumber, an onion and
some mayonnaise salad.
VII. Make the recipe of borsch. На доске:
Potato and cabbage
Some meet
Carrot and onion
some salts and pepper
VII. Listening drill (3 recipes)
Guess the dish 1. Toast
2. Omelette
3. Cereal
VIII. Group work.
Tell us the recipes of dish
- fried potato
- tea with lemon
- omelet
- salad
IX. Listening drill.
- Listen the dialogue
- Translate the sentences
Would you like a cup of tea?
Help yourself to scones.
How about some cream?
Could you pass me the sugar, please?
Can I have another cup of tea?
-Read line by line after the record.
-Read in pairs (to each other)
-Change the parts
-Make you own dialogue
X. Home task.
Learn the dialogue by heart.
XI. The end of the lesson. Results and marks.
What have we done today?
1. Write these words in alphabetic order.
Bread, milk, flour, eggs, sugar, cake, honey, scone, jam.
2. Guess the words.
tseew, ehcese, niono, utbetr, calrig,
(Sweet, cheese, onion, butter, garlic)