Презентация "How do teens express their individuality?"

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How do teens express their individuality?
  • Temnikova G.A.
Phonetic drill
  • Teenager, teenteens, style, guitar, violent, clothes,clothing, youth, group, rock, rock'n'roll, rocker, reggae, raver, aggressive, culture, subculture,leather
A Subculture. What is this?
  • Cultural grouping
  • (subculture)
  • The common elements of a subculture include:
  • 1) relatively unique values and norms,
  • 2) a special slang not shared with society,
  • 3) separate channels of communication,
  • 4) unique styles and fads,
  • 5) a sense of primary group belonging seen in the use of 'us' and 'them',
  • 6) a hierarchy of social patterns that clarify the criteria for prestige and leadership,
  • 7) receptivity to the charisma of leaders and
  • 8) gratification of special unmet needs.
Do you remember the spelling of these words?
  • 1. aggresive
  • 2. hippi
  • 3. pycedelic
  • 4. got
  • 5. haker
  • 6. opton
  • 7. rebelion
  • 8. regge
  • 9. scoter
  • 10. skinhed
  • 11. rebellios
  • 12. tehno
  • 13. improvisatin
  • 14. aprove
  • 15. raker
Give synonyms to the words.
  • 1. to protest
  • 2. to show strong physical force
  • 3. to be in agreement with
  • 4. to refuse to accept
  • 5. not easily controlled
  • 6. to test
  • 7. right or power of choosing
Use the names of subcultures instead of pronouns
  • 1. He wears a leather jacket and a cowboy hat.
  • 2. They are good at computers.
  • 3. They like to talk about vampires and about the end of the world.
  • 4. He refuses to accept everything.
  • 5. They cut their hair shorter than others do.
  • Hackers are the “wizards” of the computer community. People with a deep understanding of how their computers work, and can do things with them that seem “magical”. They do not protest against parents.
  • Young people have a particular relationship with the world. For example – bikers.
  • Traditional definition of a biker:
  • a man who leads a lifestyle that revolves around being part of the brotherhood of riders of American-made motorcycles. Bikers prefer a heavy bike like Harley Davidson.
  • Bike subculture appeared in Russia with the appearance of Moscow club “Night Wolves” in 1989.
  • They wear the blackest black, with a lot of silver jewellery and look as thin and pale as possible. They gather together to read Bram Stoker and talk about being vampires, and about the end of the world.
  • Some classify hippies like drug users and rock and roll fans, our behaviour differs from social norms. They don't conform to society's standards and support a liberal attitude and lifestyle. They always want to change the world to the best.
  • They cut their hair shorter than others do. Many skinheads are working class, patriotic, reggae and football fanatics. They wear tight trousers and heavy boots. Usually they are regarded as violent and aggressive.
  • A person has a college-style hair,
  • a neat white shirt, a short jacket, or a short blazer jacket, and narrow trousers. The clothes are Italian by choice. Pale face, plenty of make-up. We prefer soul music.
  • Ravers are the folks who use computer-made, synthesized music, and drugs to create massive all-night dance parties in empty warehouses . They like to be in a collective. We want to try out all sort of options and are thought to be violent.
  • They wear a leather jacket, army boots and a cow­boy hat just to show off. They are associated with something rebellious.
  • As rock 'n' roll became bigger and bigger in the '70s, it was time for another revolution - a return to a basic, raw, three-chord sound, namely, punk. From the streets of New York City and London, punk rock reverberated around the world and turned the rock 'n' roll status quo on its head. Punks are leather jacketed wise-guys called “The Dictators”.  They formed in 1973. Punks reject everything.
Find the right variant
  • 1. Rockers wear...a) leather jackets and army boots. b) short jackets or short blazer jackets.
  • c) tight trousers and heavy boots.
  • 2. Mods have...a) very short hair
  • b) college-style hair c) very black hair.
  • 3. Don't protest against their parents
  • a) bikers b) hackers c) punks
  • 4. Prefer aggressive music.
  • a) punks b) skinheads c) goths
There are some mistakes in the descriptions of the subcultures. Find and correct them.
  • 1. The music of punks is romantic.
  • 2. Rockers prefer soul music.
  • 3. Hippies show off their independence in supporting an aggressive attitude and lifestyle.
  • 4. Ravers are thought to be sentimental.
  • 5. Punks support society's standards.
a) a “wizard” of computers
  • a) a “wizard” of computers
  • b) a person with a short hair cut, listening reggae
  • c) a person dressed in a shocking way (very bright hair)
  • d) equipment necessary for making techno music
  • e) a person with a motorbike
  • f) a person visiting all-night dance
  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d
  • e
  • f
  • Do a crossword puzzle and you'll learn the subculture Bill Clinton belonged to in his youth.