Презентация "Местоимения some, any, much, many, a lot of, little, few" 6 класс

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Местоимения some, any, much, many, a lot of, little, few.
  • 6 класс
  • Раздел 6
  • УМК Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю.
  • Учитель МОУ СОШ № 1
  • С. Октябрьское РСО-Алания
  • Караева А.В.
Местоимения SOME и ANY на русский язык переводятся как –несколько, некоторое количество. Но: SOME употребляется в утвердительных предложения , а ANY в отрицательных и вопросительных. ANY
  • I don`t want any
  • Have you any s ?
  • There are no any s in the zoo.
  • Are there any s in the street ?
  • I have some s
  • Give me some s
  • We see some s
  • They have some s
  • There are some s on the tree.
Вставьте вместо пропусков some или any
  • 1. We haven`t got______milk.
  • 2. Bob likes ______sugar in his tea.
  • 3. She has_____money.
  • 4. Are there ______pictures in his book?
  • 5. I cannot see ______children in the yard.
  • 6. I need_____carrots, onions and cabbage.
  • 7. There is no______tea in my cup.
  • 8. He has _____modern hats at home
MANY, MUCH, A LOT OF переводятся как МНОГО. Но: MANY употребляется с исчисляемыми существительными, MUCH с неисчисляемыми , A LOT OF и с теми , и с другими MANY
  • We don`t need many s in the room.
  • I don`t eat many s.
  • There are many s in the kitchen-garden.
  • I see many s in the yard.
  • Do you have much ?
  • There is no much in the tap.
  • You must not eat much
  • I don`t drink much
Вставьте вместо пропусков much или many
  • 1.She ate __ice-cream and has got a sore throat.
  • 2. Have you _____work to do?
  • 3. There are_____many apples on the plate.
  • 4. I spend _____time for reading.
  • 5. Children have brought_____mushrooms.
  • 6. Pupils have ______questions.
  • 7. He made _____ mistakes in reading.
  • 8. Do you have_____money?
  • Местоимения LITTLE и FEW
  • на русский язык переводятся как –мало.
  • Но: FEW употребляется с исчисляемыми существительными, а
  • LITTLE с неисчисляемыми
  • There are few s in the zoo.
  • There are few s in the vase.
  • I can see few s on the farm.
  • There are few s in my schoolbag.
  • There is little in the sauce-pan.
  • We can see little in the darkness.
  • I have little in my pocket.
  • There is little in the river.
Вставьте вместо пропусков LITTLE и FEW
  • There is ______milk in the bottle.
  • He has ______English books at home.
  • Give me ______money, I haven`t got any.
  • We have very _____time, hurry up!
  • She received _____letters from her granny.
  • I have _____work for today.
  • There is _____salt in the soup.
  • Put _____lemons in your basket.