Конспект урока “A jack–of –all-trades”

Смицкая Елена Анатольевна
Form 7 Unit 2 Lesson 4
Topic: “A jackof all-trades”
Personal achievements: upbringing negative attitude to the way to do smth (to
study, to work) badly (not in a proper way); upbringing a respectful attitude to the
speaker (dialog partner), his/her opinion, forming, motivating and developing an
ability to form one’s own point of view
Socio-cultural aspect: introducing the notion “a jack of all trades”, getting pupils
acquainted with the opinions of some British coevals about such people
Evolutive aspect: developing an ability to match, to illustrate, to explain, to
Subject results: to practise listening/reading for special info, reading for details,
writing a personal letter.
Equipments: mp3-audio (SB),
mp4-video “English-in-a-minute”,
on the blackboard: “A jack-of-all-trades is…….(a master of none?)”
We’ve learned …..
We’ve listened to…..
We’ve read (about)….
We’ve spoken about….
1 Greeting: Good morning!
How are you today?
Is everybody present at the lesson?
2 Revising the previous material:
Today is the last working day this week ….. and soon you’ll have some
free time to do what you like at the weekend. What will you do this weekend?
Yes, mostly we will do our favourite things or activities. And it’s fair as they help us to
enjoy the life, these things make our life brighter, more interesting ……and they help
us to achieve something , to get success.
Would you like to be successful in your life?
So what should we do to get success?
(we should do our favourite things properly and try harder)
Like these children (presentation slides 2-9)
Pupils are answering the questions in the slides
3 Defying the topic:
But can people and pupils do not one but 2,3… some things properly?
Смицкая Елена Анатольевна
How do you think?
Do you know people who can do some things in a proper way?
(Lomonisov a scientist in many fields, a poet, writer….)
How have we learned about him?
There is a good Russian and English expression about such people
“a jack of all trades…….” мастер на все руки
What is to be a jack of all trades? (video English-in-a-minute)
But there is a continuation of the saying - a master of none!!!!
You see there is a contradiction here!!
On the one hand a master of all trades Lomonisov, Shakespeare,
Korolyev and many others.
But on the other hand--- a master on none (a poem)
4 The main part of the lesson: reading the poem and translating it
(presentation slides 9-15)
by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul
I'm Jack of all trades, Jack of none,
My talent's on the run,
The more I try to fix and mend,
I find that I have none.
I tried to hang a picture-frame,
Upon the silly wall,
I hung the picture upside down,
And then I watched it fall.
I tried to fix a leaky tap,
(An easy thing to do),
But now it sprays most everywhere,
I should have used more glue.
My tire is flat; I'll pump it up,
And make it nice and round,
I used more pressure than I should,
What is that awful sound?
The doctor says I'll be okay,
The pavement broke my fall,
I may not walk for nine more weeks,
But that's okay, I'll crawl.
I'm Jack of all trades, Jack of none,
But this one thing I know,
I'll try to do most anything,
I'm not just some old Joe.
Смицкая Елена Анатольевна
Listening: So, probably we‘ll find it out how we can do it. Let’s listen to other
people’s attitude, opinions and express ours.
1 SB ex 1 (1) p 35
2 SB ex 1 (3) p 36
So you see that it’s good and not so good to be “a jack of all trades”
What is your opinion about it?
ex 3 will help you
Can you call anybody around you “a jack of all trades”? why?
5 Summing up: (the pupils) we’ve learnt about
we’ve read….
we’ve listened to…
we’ve discussed…
6 Home task: AB ex 1 p 21 to write a personal letter