I. Vocabulary
total-весь, полный, абсолютный
ancient-старинный, древний
take over-вступить во владение
II. Read the text.
These towers and spires are part of Oxford
University, the oldest university in Britain.
Students have been coming here for 800
years. It began in the 12
century with
small groups of teachers giving lessons in
churches. Today the university is a
federation of 35 colleges with hundreds of
buildings and a total of 12,000 students.
It’s a place of young people and old
traditions: here teachers are called dons
and still wear black gowns. Students are
taught one-to-one in the Socratic tradition.
At the university library you can still see
notices written in Latin-the ancient
language of scholars. Students at Oxford
are surrounded by beautiful stone
buildings and by reminders of the
university’s long history and old traditions.
This is Hertford College, one of the
smaller colleges in the university. About
200 students live and work here. But life at
Oxford is not all work: There are clubs and
societies for every interest and every kind
of sport. This is croquet, which began as a
French game but is now more popular in
The Sheldonian Theatre, used for
concerts and university ceremonies.
Opposite the Sheldonian is the most
famous shop in Oxford, where students
and dons buy books. There are books on
every subject and one of the largest book
rooms in the world, with 7 kilometres of
Oxford has a large number of pubs and
cafes, where you can buy cheap food or
have a drink with friends. In termtime they
are full of students; in summer the tourists
take over.
Two rivers flow slowly through the city
and past the colleges. This boat is called a
punt. If you visit Oxford or Cambridge, you
should try punting on the river-it’s fun, but
it is not as easy as it looks.
You should also visit some of the
beautiful gardens in and around Oxford.
This garden has a maze. First you must find
the centre of the maze. It can take quiet a
long time. And it’s just as difficult to find
the way out!
Ex1. Matching. Choose the phrases on the right which complete the phrases on
the left.
1. Oxford….. a) runs through the town of Stratford
2. It began in the twelve century b) is called a punt
3. Students are taught….. c) used for concerts and university ceremonies
4. But life in Oxford….. d) with small groups of teachers giving lessons in churches
5. The Sheldonian Theatre….. e) one-to-one in the Socratic tradition
6. This boat …. f) has a maze
7. This garden ….. g) is the oldest university in Britain
8. The river Avon ….. h) is not all work
Ex2. Watch the scene about Oxford and tick (۷) the right answer.
1. The oldest university in Britain is …
2. Students have been coming to Oxford for …
200 years
500 years
800 years
3. Oxford University is a federation of …
25 colleges
35 colleges
45 colleges
4. Some notices at the university library are written in …
5. When in the centre of a maze, you should …
stay here
stand very still
find your way out
Ex3. Detailed comprehension. Watch the video again. Which sentences below
are true (T) and which are false (F)?
1. Oxford is a place of old people and young traditions. .
2. Latin is the ancient language of scholars. .
3. The university has 12 000 students. .
4. Herford College is one of the biggest colleges in the university. .
5. There are no clubs and societies in Oxford. .
6. Croquet is now very popular in Britain. .
7. Oxford bookshop is very small. .
8. Oxford has a large number of pubs and cafes. .
9. If you visit Oxford, you should try punting on the river it’s fun and easy. .