Открытый урок "Food" 5 класс

5 класс
Тема: “Food
обобщить языковой материал по теме “ Еда”
- научить детей адаптироваться в реальных ситуациях,
- развивать у учащихся внимание, веру в себя, в свои способности.
- развивать навыки понимания иностранной речи
- развивать память и мышление
- развивать коммуникативные навыки и умения
- развивать познавательный интерес у учащихся
- продолжить формировать следующие специальные умения:
произносительные навыки учащихся. Обеспечить в ходе урока повторение
усвоенных лексических единиц по теме
- воспринимать на слух аутентичную речь на английском языке
совершенствовать навыки употребления лексических и грамматических
структур в речи учащихся с соблюдением норм иностранного языка
- продолжить формирование общего и филологического кругозора.
Форма и виды работы:
Индивидуальная, фронтальная, групповая.
1. Organizing moment.
Good morning, boys and girls! I’m glad to see you! Sit down, please. My name’s
Irina Alexandrovna. Today I’m your English teacher and we’re going to have an
unusual lesson.
2. Warming up.
But first of all I want you to answer my questions. So, I think each of you likes
tasty things such as chocolate, sweets, biscuits, ice cream, don’t you?
Pupil 1: Well, do you like ice cream? (Yes, I do/No, I don’t).
Pupil 2: Do you like chocolate? (Yes, I do/No, I don’t).
Pupil 3: What is your favourite food? (My favourite food is…)
Well, the topic of our lesson is “Food”. (slide 1 по щелчку)
3. Look at the screen, please. There are some words you need for our lesson. Say
after me, please. (slide 2): cabbage, orange, corn, carrot, apple, paprika, lemon,
pear, meat. (закрыть экран)
4. Now I want you to match the words to their meanings. Here are your
cards. Who’s ready? Let’s check your answers. (повторить за мной)
5. Well, let’s check how well you know the English alphabet. Your
next task is to write down these words in the alphabetical order. So, the first word
is apple… OK, do it by yourself.
6. We’re working so hard! Let’s have a break!
Stand up, hands up,
Hands to the sides,
Bend left, bend right,
Hands on hips,
Hands down, sit down.
One, two, three hop,
One, two, three stop. (закрыть экран)
7. Now you know different fruits and vegetables. How well
do you know them?
- What’s this? It’s a banana.
- What’s this? It’s an apple. (открыть экран)
- Why do we say a banana?
- Why do we say an apple? Say the rule. (We use a before
consonants, we use an before vowels).
- Now let’s check how well you know fruits and vegetables and
what colour they are?
8. Now it’s time to play! I’ve got a basket of fruit. Choose one
fruit you like and say like this: (экран)
- I have got a lemon. Your partner says:
- She has got a lemon and I have got an apple. Is it clear?
9. Now look at the screen. Complete the following sentences:
- With he, she, it we use has got; with I, you,
we, they we use have got. (slide 5)
10. Well, I hope you’re having a lot of fun today, aren’t you? Now I wonder if
you’ve got an English pen friend. I’ve got one. This is Meggy from
London. She likes tasty things like you and here’s her letter. -
- But first I want you to form two teams: “Fruit” and “Vegetables”. In front of
you there’s Meggy’s letter. - Listen to me and try to fill in the gaps.
Look at the screen. There’s Meggy’s letter.
The winner is the team that writes all the words correctly.
- Are you ready? Now, please, exchange your paper sheets and
check each other.
- Your next task is to read the letter with right intonation
and good pronunciation.
- What’s Meggy’s favourite food?
London, UK
December, 9
I’m Meggy. My favourite food is ice cream. I can eat it every day.
I also love chocolate, cakes and fruit. Apples and bananas are very nice. I eat
vegetable salads with corn, carrots and paprika. I don`t eat meat but I like eggs and
milk. I usually drink a lot of juice and a lot of water. Orange juice is very tasty. I
don’t drink much coffee or tea. What is your favourite food? What do you like to
Write back soon,
11. Your homework is to write back to Mary about your favourite
food. You can use these tips.
- Now tell me what your favourite food is, what you
like and dislike. Screen!
12. You all worked hard. Your marks are “five”. The lesson is over.
13. Рефлексия. (слайд 7)