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урок английского языка "Free time"

Больше-Чураковская СШ
Конспект урока английского языка
«Free time»
Подготовила: учитель английского
языка Вдовикова Г.И
Form: 9
Theme “Free time ”
Aim of the lesson:формирование лексических навыков, умения использовать
в речи лексику прошлого опыта, развитие умения классифицировать,
обобщать и сравнивать новую лексику по теме.
Задачи урока:
введение и отработка новых лексических единиц, формирование навыков
ведения беседы по теме урок.
развитие познавательного интереса обучающихся; развитие памяти,
внимания, восприятия иноязычной речи; развитие способности к языковой
догадке, умения классифицировать, обобщать и сравнивать новую лексику по
теме; развитие умения работать на разных уровнях языковых знаний.
воспитание чувства ответственности, умения работать в группе
Форма работы : групповая работа
Тип урока: комплексного применения знаний
Дидактические материалы: карточки с высказываниями по теме урока;
картинки по теме урока, видеоролик.
Ход урока
1 Greeting
Учащиеся сидят за компьютерами группами по 4 человека.
Good morning everybody! I am very glad to see you! Look at screen ,
please.Video.(Free time in Britain)
What are we going to talk about today? Yes, you're right our topic is «Leisure
activities .We are going to speak about free time or we can say leisure. What is it
Today at the lesson we are going to speak about our free-time activities. We must
introduce with a new lexical and to compare Kazakh and British traditional
leisure activities.
2... The basket of idea : "Free Time".
What free time activities can you name? Now, children, you must write on the
stickers any leisure activity and fix it on the basket.. Then you'll tell us about
reading books
playing on computer
watching TV
leisure activitie
playing sports listening to music
3. Speaking exercise
. Вопросно – ответная беседа по теме урока. Answer my questions, please.
What time is free time?
Is it well, when we have too much free time?
What do you like to do in free time?
How did you spend your time yesterday?
4 New lexical materials
Look at screen. There are a new words at it.
To be keen on увлекаться
To be interested in –быть заинтересованным в
To be mad about быть без ума от
To be fond of- увлекаться
To be never bored with- никогда не скучать с..
5. Work in group (work with text)
How do British people spend their weekends? . Now I give you the texts. Find out
which activities are more and less popular in Britain. Compare the results with
your classmates` activities in Kazakhstan. You must read and understand this text
and then make up short information about teen’s free time..You make up a
posters. Which activities are more popular in Britain? Which activities are less
popular in Britain?
6. Presentation pupils’ posters.
Pupils show and explain their posters .Are you ready? O’k . Listen to our groups.
7 .Test.(взаимопроверка)
8 .Summary of the lesson
Basket of idea. Now please look at the blackboard. There is basket of ideas on it.
You must take your stickers and write what you knew at the lesson today. Then I
offer hang your stickers on the bascket.
Giving H/T write the composition “My free time”.
Dear boys and girls! Thanks a lot for your work.
Did you like the lesson?
Did you know anything new today?
What have you spoken about at our lesson today?
Now we can speak about our free time, games and free-time activities..
How do you think it was a useful lesson for you or not?
I appreciate your knowledge and speaking skills. Thank you for the lesson. Your
marks are … Our lesson is over. Good luck! Good-bye!