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How Can We Get to Australia?

The total distance from Moscow, Russia to Sydney, Australia is 9,001 miles. This is equivalent to 14,486 kilometers or 7,822 nautical miles.



Your travel direction from Moscow to Sydney is East (93 degrees from North). Travel Time: 18 hours by plane.

Time difference When you are in Sydney, subtract: ■ 1 hour to find local time in Tokyo ■ 2 hours- in Hong Kong ■ 9 hours- in Paris ■ 10 hours- in London ■ 15 hours- in New York ■ 18 hours- in San Francisco

During your flight to Sydney you will stop at Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong or Bangkok and at last arrive at Sydney airport.


Australia is considered to be the smallest of seven continents and the sixth biggest state. Australia is situated between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It is made up of two islands.

Australia is extremely close to other island nations. To the north are: Papa New Guinea, Indonesia and part of Malaysia. Additional to the north are the Philippines and Asian mainland. Australian land mass of nearly 7.7 million km² makes it the sixth largest country in area after Russia, Canada, China, the United States and Brazil.

The Coat of Arms

Melbourne Sydney Melbourne Sydney

The biggest cities


the Great Barrier Reef the Great Barrier Reef

the Harbor bridge

the Blue Mountains


Ayers rock

Australia is a land of many endemic animals and birds.

Flora and fauna

  • Australia is a land of many endemic animals and birds.
  • Endemic is an animal which can not be found anywhere else in the world.
  • The main native plants of Australia are acacia, eucalyptus, mimosa, palm, fern and cedar.
  • Australia is sometimes called “Kangarooland”.
  • The kangaroo and the emu are on the coat of arms of Australia.
Dingo Dingo


Brush-tailed possum




National parks

Australia has over 500 national parks. Over 28 million hectares of land is designated as national park-land, accounting for almost four per cent of Australia's land areas. In addition, a further six per cent of Australia is protected and includes state forests, nature parks and conservation reserves.

Australia is the flattest and (after Antarctica) the driest of conti-nents. Huge areas of land are so dry that they are uninhabited. There are rainforests and vast plains in the north, snowfields in the south east, desert in the centre and fertile croplands in the east, south and south west. About one third of the country lies in the tropics.

Mountain ranges run from north to south along the east coast, reaching their highest point in Mount Kosciusko (7,308 ft; 2,228 m).

The Great Barrier Reef, extending about 1,245 miles, lies along the north-east coast.

Русско-английский словарь «Животного мира Австралии»


Белка-летяга sugar glider

Буйвол водяной water buffalo

Большая белая акула great white shark


Валлаби wallaby

Венценосный голубь regent bowerbird

Волнистый попугай budgerigar

Вомбат wombat


Голубой кит blue whale


Динго dingo


Ехидна spiny anteater


Зимородок-хохотун kookaburra


Какаду cockatoo

Кенгуру kangaroo

Коала koala

Крокодил crocodile

Крыса rat

Кистохвостый поссум brush-tailed possum

Казуар cassowary


Летучая мышь bat

Лирохвост lyrebird


Муравьед numbat


Плащеносная ящерица frilled lizard


Сумчатая куница quoll overview


Тасманский дьявол Tasmanian devil


Утконос platypus


Хантсман паук huntsman spider


Чёрный лебедь black swan


Эму emu

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