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Презентация "Travel to Russia"

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Travel to Russia

Travel to Russia

National Flag

Symbols of Russia

Moscow is the Capital of Russia

The main Kremlin, the Spasskaya Tower

Here you can see the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great.

Pokrovskiy Cathedral

The Volga

A Russian bear

There are a lot of different animals, birds and plants in our forests, fields and mountains.

Our Orthodox traditions

The Russian souvenir- matryoshka

Balalaika is the national instrument

The most popular dish is blinis

Russian souvenirs

  • Russian valenoks
  • The Russian Samovar

The Birch tree

  • Another symbol of Russia is the birch tree. You can find these trees everywhere. People sing beautiful songs with poetic words about birch trees.

People’s trades

Welcome to Moscow! Welcome to Russia! Калинка, малинка, Матрёшка, берёзка!!!

Russia is my country and I love it very much

Love Russia and learn English

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