Презентация "My flat" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
  • Wall, hall, floor, door, small
  • Cheese, kitchen, teacher, check
  • Has, have, flat, pantry
  • Where, there, chair
Спряжение глагола to be
  • I am
  • You are
  • He
  • She }is
  • It
  • We are
  • You are
  • They are
Put am, is или are
  • You … clever.
  • Their address … long.
  • I … in Class 5.
  • His grandfather and grandmother … old.
  • These books … good.
We cook and eat in the… We sleep in the… We watch TV in the… We wash our hands and face in the… Read the text!
  • There many mushrooms in the forest. They are under the trees and bushes. There are many birds butterflies, bees and ladybirds in the forest. There are many animals in the forest: foxes, bats, wolves and squirrels. There many trees in the forest. The trees in the forest are green.
  • 1.Выбери правильный вариант перевода:
  • 1. There is a big table in the room.
  • a) В комнате есть большой стол. b) Большой стол есть в комнате.
  • 2.There are 4 chairs in the room.
  • a) В комнате есть 4 стула. b) В комнате есть 4 кресла.
  • 3. There is a book on the table.
  • a) На столе лежит книга. b) Под столом лежит книга.
  • 2. Вставь is или are:
  • There ___a dog in the yard.
  • There ___ many cars in the street.
  • There ___ five boys in the classroom.
  • There ___ a rose in the vase. 
  • 3.Вставь is или are. Сделай предложения отрицательными и вопросительными 1.There ___ a chair at the table. 2.There ___ books on the shelf.
  • 4.Исправь ошибку 1.There are a carpet on the floor.
  • 2.Are there many room in your house?
  • 3.Is there a TV-set in the room? – Yes, there isn`t.
  • 4.There is two pictures on the wall.
  • 5.Переведи
  • 1.В комнате (есть) большой стол
  • 2.На столе лежит ручка
  • 3.Под столом лежит мяч