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Презентация "the History of Money" 8 класс

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the History of

  • Landyreva Alina
  • Class 8“b”
  • Money

What was at first?

  • The basis of all early commerce was barter
  • Cattle are probably the oldest of all forms of money, as domestication of animals tended to precede the cultivation of crops.
  • The earliest evidence of banking is found in Mesopotamia between 3000 and 2000 B.C.

People in early societies developed forms of proto-money

  • Aztecs used cacao beans
  • Norwegians used butter
  • The early U.S. colonists used tobacco leaves and animal hides
  • The people of Paraguay used snails.
  • Roman soldiers were paid a "salarium" of salt.
  • On the island of Nauru, the islanders used rats.
  • Human slaves have also been used as currency around the world…

Money in Russia

Money in Russia nowadays

Money of the World

Do you need money today?

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  • The end…
  • …to be continued?