Тест "Reported speech" 9 класс

TEST, 9класс. Reported speech.
I вариант
Задание 1
Преобразуйте предложения в косвенную речь
1. He says to Olga:” I have never been to London.”
2. Emily says:” I always wear designer clothes.”
3. The teacher says to the pupils:” Open your books, please.”
4. Mother asks her son:” Don’t lean out of the window.”
5. Rob asks:” What is wrong with my feet?”
6. Mary asks Alice:” Did you see my sister on Sunday?”
7. Tanya asks her friend:” Do you read fashion magazine?”
Задание 2
Образовать новые слова с помощью суффиксов -ful, -able/-ible, -al:
Use, enjoy, comfort, culture, music, suit, taste.
TEST, 9класс. Reported speech.
II вариант
1. Ann says to Kate:” Tell me the truth.”
2. The teacher says to students:” Don’t prompt at the lesson.”
3. Alex says:” I am from Russia.”
4. Customer says:” I would like a pair of trainers.”
5. Shop assistant asks Angela:” What American size do you need?”
6. Emily asks:” Does this T-shirt go with these jeans?”
7. Mr Wilson asks:” Can I pay by card?”
Задание 2
Образовать новые слова с помощью суффиксов -ful, -able/-ible, -al:
Wonder, politic, fashion, peace, success, colour, origin.