Тест "Device of the car"

Test questions on the subject "Device of the car"
1. The car consists of:
a. transmission, running gear and control mechanisms
в. chassis, body and engine
from. engine, driver's cab and transmission
2. Tact is:
a. the process occurring in the cylinder when the crankshaft turns to 3600
в. space released in the cylinder when the piston moves from TDC to BDC
с. process occurring in a cylinder in one stroke of the piston
3. The compression ratio is:
a. ratio of the volume of the combustion chamber to the working volume of the cylinder
в. the ratio of the total volume of the cylinder to the volume of the combustion chamber
c. ratio of cylinder displacement to full cylinder volume
4. The crank mechanism consists of:
a. cylinder block with a crankcase, cylinder heads, pistons with rings, piston pins, connecting
rods, crankshaft, flywheel and crankcase
в. a block of cylinders with a crankcase, a cranked shaft, rocker arms, rods, pushers, pistons with
rings, a flywheel and the pallet crankcase
с. cylinder block with a crankcase, a crankcase, a crankshaft, a flywheel, valves, springs with
fastening parts, a turning mechanism and connecting rods.
5. The gas distribution mechanism consists of:
a. camshafts, pushers, rods, pistons with rings, pushers, springs with fastening elements
в. distributing gears, pushers, rods, valves, cams, springs, valve guide sleeves
с. distributing gears, a camshaft, pushers, rods, rocker arms with mounting details, valves,
springs with mounting parts and valve guide sleeves
6. The thermostat serves for:
a. forced circulation of the cooling liquid in the cooling system
в. faster warm-up of the engine during start-up and maintenance of the temperature regime
during operation
с. return of heat to air when the engine is running
7. With medium engine loads, the mixture must be:
a. depleted
в. enriched
с. rich
8. The economizer serves for:
a. engine acceleration
в. obtaining a combustible mixture of a rich composition
с. enrichment mixture when the throttle is not fully open
9. Battery capacity is:
a. amount of electrolyte being poured into the battery
в. the amount of electricity that gives a charged battery for I h
с. the amount of electricity that a charged battery can give when discharged to an acceptable
10. The ignition coil serves for:
a. convert low-voltage current to high-voltage current
в. supply high-voltage current to spark plugs
с. maintaining a constant voltage with varying generator rotor speed, load and temperature
11. The centrifugal ignition timing regulator regulates:
a. advance angle of ignition depending on load
в. crankshaft speed
с. ignition timing angle from crankshaft rotation frequency
12. The lock in the mechanism of a gear change serves for:
a. holding gears in the on or neutral position
в. avoid simultaneous activation of two transmissions
с. prevent reverse travel from moving forward.
13. Cardan gear serves for:
a. transmission of torque from the gearbox to the half-axles at right angles
в. transmission of torque from the gearbox to the driving axles under varying angles
с. increase and transmission of torque from the gearbox to the differential.
14. The satellite of the differential does not rotate about its axis when:
a. on a straight and level road
в. the movement of ruts and bumps
с. wheel slip
15. The camber on the lorry is regulated:
a. change of length of a transverse steering draft
в. additional sheets of front springs
с. not regulated.
16. The shock absorber serves for:
a. Damping of vibrations from shocks, perceived by springs
в. softening of jolts during impact on various roughness of the road
с. fastening the beam to the frame
17. Specify the correct sequence of force transfer from the steering gear to the right front wheel:
a. steering bipod - transverse link - lower left swing arm - longitudinal link right lower turn arm -
right stud
в. steering bipod - longitudinal linkage-left upper turn arm - left pivot-left lower pivot arm -
transverse link-right lower pivoting arm - pivot pin right
с. steering bipod-left upper swivel lever - longitudinal linkage - swivel left pivot-left lower
pivoting lever-right lower pivoting arm - right pivot pin.
18. The steering bipod is fixed to the shaft:
a. on the slots
в. keyed
с. lock washer.
19. Pneumatic brake actuator consists of:
a. a brake valve, a pressure regulator, a compressor, a pressure gauge, air cylinders, brake
chambers, an isolating valve, a connecting head for air ducts and hoses
в. compressor, pressure regulator, master brake cylinder, hoses and pipelines, air cylinders, brake
chambers, a disconnection valve, a connecting head
с. brake valve, air lines and hoses, hydro vacuum amplifier, compressor, pressure regulator,
manometer, brake chambers, a disconnection valve, a connecting head.
20. The lower scale of the manometer shows the air pressure in:
a. brake valve, when braking
в. air cylinders, when braking
с. brake chambers during braking