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Paul Cezanne

(1839 – 1906)

Каргаполова Т.М.

Учитель английского

Языка. МАОУ «СШ с УИОП №80»

Paul Sezanne- Titan of the art world

He was born in AIX- EN- Provence on 19th January 1839. His father was very strict,

self – confident and assertive.

As a child, Cezanne had a poor idea of a good painting, but he received an excellent education. He learnt in a high school, from 13 t0 19 years he studied at the “Bourbon College’’. He was a very good student, he read much, wrote Latin and French poems to his last days.

A landscape of the mountains

He showed the unity of nature

and art. “The house near the road”

He was famous for the development of color

and composition

The artist liked to paint still-lives:

different fruits on the table and kitchen things

A still-life

His portrait

In 1906 after his death there was a great exhibition in Paris. He was recognised in the whole world.

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