Тест "Lexis - Grammar" 10 класс

Материалы для проведения промежуточной аттестации
по предмету «Английский язык»
в 10 А, Б классах
за 2017-2018 учебный год
Lexis - Grammar (I)
Choose the correct item.
1. Using aerosol sprays is harmful … the environment.
a) in b) about c) to
2. Can you please help me solve this … I have to do for
my maths homework
a) Equation b) reaction c) process
3. What Ian likes about working as a … is the fact that he
doesn’t have to be in an office eight hours a day.
a) clerk b) freelancer c) celebrity
4. It’s true that Helen is …, but she usually makes things
worse when she tries to help.
a) well-meaning b) loyal c) trusting
5. With her very bright red hair, Tracy always … in a
a) sticks to b) stands out c) keeps up
6. Clearing land to make farms is an example of human
activity that destroys the natural … of many animals
forcing them out of their homes.
a) habitats b) lifestyles c) enclosures
7. Nina always helps her mother with the household … .
a) sprees b) chores c) ends
8. Norton is quite …, so don’t believe everything he says
so easily.
a) mean b) aggressive c) dishonest
9. William goes to a … school, so he only goes home
during the holidays.
a) specialist b) state c) boarding
10. Don’t spend all of your salary; you need to save money
for a rainy … .
a) weather b) day c) time
11. Do you want to … a film tonight? There’s a comedy
on at the local cinema.
a) go on b) catch c) take
12. Sarah wanted to buy her mum a nice birthday present,
so she … some money from her friend.
a) lent b) paid c) borrowed
13. Tom’s starting … at his new job is 30000 euros a year.
a) salary b) debt c) wage
14. Sarah wants to … in her school’s singing competition.
a) participate b) attend c) apply
15. The stories we heard about our neighbours … to be
a) turned out b) made up c) went off
16. They heard someone screaming in the next room and
… in to see what was wrong.
a) rushed b) invaded c) stalked
17. Our hotel room had an amazing … of the snowy
a) scenery b) view c) setting
18. Drinks that contain … additives are not good for your
a) fake b) creative c) artificial
19. When Chris won the lottery, he decided to … on a
new car.
a) splash out b) catch up c) hand out
20. You need a new pair of sports shoes; these ones are
quite … .
a) given up b) worn out c) cut in
21. The artist made the sculpture … out of recycled
a) securely b) physically c) entirely
22. Can you please go to my room and … my glasses? I
need to read something.
a) carry b) fetch c) take
23. Sam … a living by selling antiques online.
a) wins b) gets c) earns
24. John’s booked front … seats for the opera.
a) row b) aisle c) balcony
25. Mr Peters works in the … forces as a naval officer.
a) armed b) emergency c) skilled
26. I don’t remember … that shop before.
a) see b) to see c) seeing
27. We couldn’t find anywhere … the car.
a) park b) to park c) parking
28. … to Mike today? I need to ask him something.
a) Will you be speaking b) Will you have spoken c)
Will you have been speaking
29. That was … party I have ever been to.
a) the best b) the better c) best
30. The film was … funnier than I expected.
a) by far b) very c) even
31. “How long … Tony?” “Since we were children.”
a) did you know b) have you known c) do you
32. He … his teeth checked once every six months.
a) is having b) has had c) has
33. The children are at … school at the moment.
a) - b) a c) the
34. It’s late. Mark … have forgotten about the meeting.
a) might b) will c) ought
35. We … go shopping because we had plenty of food.
a) needn’t have b) don’t need to c) need to
36. A lot of children … to boarding school in the old days.
a) are sent b) is sent c) were sent
37. Her feet ache. She … all day.
a) has stood up b) has been standing up c) had
been standing up
38. If you … your room, you can go out to play.
a) tidied b) had tidiedc) have tidied
39. Alan apologized for … Jane’s birthday.
a) forgetting b) to forget c) forget
40. Sam … for his wallet for hours before he found it.
a) has been searching b) had been searching c)
had searched
41. They had lots of potatoes so they … buy any more.
a) didn’t need to b) mustn’t c) couldn.t
42. Melissa … in a very busy office now.
a) works b) has worked c) was working
43. If you … to open the box, you wouldn’t have broken
a) didn’t try b) hadn’t tried c) haven’t
44. If you had arrived earlier, you … dinner.
a) wouldn’t have missed b) won’t have missed c)
won’t miss
45. She was very tired, … she couldn’t sleep.
a) although b) despite c) yet
46. She … get a job as a teacher. She loves children.
a) ought b) can c) might
47. I think … has been reading my diary.
a) no one b) someone c) anyone
48. … painted this beautiful picture?
a) Who b) What c) Where
49. He’s tired. He … properly for days.
a) hasn’t slept b) don’t sleep c) doesn’t sleep
50. I live in the city, so I … to busy traffic.
a) am used b) get used c)used
1. c
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. b
6. a
7. b
8. c
9. c
10. b
11. b
12. c
13. a
14. a
15. a
16. a
17. b
18. c
19. a
20. b
21. c
22. b
23. c
24. a
25. a
26. c
27. b
28. a
29. a
30. c
31. b
32. c
33. a
34. a
35. b
36. c
37. b
38. c
39. a
40. b
41. a
42. a
43. b
44. a
45. c
46. c
47. b
48. a
49. a
50. a
Критерии оценки:
45-50= «5»(отлично)
37-44= «4»(хорошо)
21-36= «3»(удовлетворительно)
меньше 21= «2»(плохо)