Тест "Времена группы Present" 10 класс

Времена группы Present
Выберите правильный вариант
1. Paul isn’t a very honest person.
That is why when he speaks nobody ... him.
a) believe
b) believes
c) hasn’t believed
d) isn’t believing
2. He ... sports cars.
a) has
b) have
c) got
d) hasn’t
3. Bill, you hair looks wet. What ... all morning in
the rain?
a) has you done
b) are you doing
c) do you do
d) have you been doing
4.Gill can’t do the dishes right now because she ...
a) is sleeping
b) sleeps
c) slept
d) sleeping
5. Don’t mess with that liquid! It ... some
poisonous acid!
a) is containing
b) has contained
c) contains
d) contained
6.... it difficult to concentrate on your work with
this music on?
a) Are you finding
b) Do you find
c) Have you found
d) Have you been found
7 .I ... English much better now that we have a
new teacher.
a) am understanding
b) have understood
c) understand
d) have been understanding
8. Can she ... with me, please?
a) go
b) goes
c) gone
d) will go
9. He denied having broken the vase, but I still ...
to believe him.
a) refuses
b) had refused
c) am refusing
d) refuse
10. He found a new job in China. He ... to move
to China because he is fond of their lifestyle.
a) has always wanted
b) is always wanting
c) always wants
d) have always wanted
11.... you ever ... to LA?
a) Have / been
b) Have / was
c) Have / gone
d) Has / been
12.Where have you been? I ... from you for ages!
a) hasn’t heard
b) haven’t heard
c) didn’t hear
d) don’t hear
13. I think you ... silly! You should take all the
medicine the doctor has prescribed.
a) are
b) is
c) am
d) are being
14. I ... what you are talking about.
a) haven’t known
b) don’t know
c) am not knowing
d) hasn’t known
15. They sent me two postcards; neither of which
... .
a) have arrived
b) will arrive
c) has arrived
d) is arriving
16. I have just sent my application form, now I ...
for their answer.
a) am waiting
b) have waited
c) have been waited
d) wait
17. I ... to getting up early.
a) were used
b) will be used
c) am used
d) am
18. Their flat looks so modern! They ... twice a
a) redecorates it
b) have redecorated it
c) have it redecorated
d) are redecorating it
19. You ... about my handwriting! Stop it!
a) are always complaining
b) have always complained
c) always complain
d) have been always complaining
20. The US space shuttle Atlantis ... safely to
a) has been returned
b) has returned
c) returns
d) is returning
21. This is the first time I ... him ashamed.
a) see
b) am seeing
c) have seen
d) have been seen
22. He’s confused. He ... to solve the problem all
a) has tried
b) tried
c) tries
d) has been trying
23. I ... she is Russian.
a) think
b) am thinking
c) have thought
d) will be thinking
24. Jim ... 20 essays so far.
a) checked
b) has checked
c) is checking
d) checks