Тест "Travelling by aire"

Task 1. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box and translate the sentences.
Pay attention that some words are extra.
the deck of the ship expensive convenient cheap hungry
the railway carriage quickest booking office wander on business
1. Some people go on trip for pleasure, while others have to travel… .
2. It's really wonderful to contemplate (cозерцать) nature: walk in the shade of
forests, … by the side of the quiet lakes, climb mountain peaks.
3. Travelling by sea you can feel … under your feet and the fresh sea wind
blowing in your face.
4. Travelling by ship is not very popular now because it has become very …
and not many people can afford it.
5. A trip by air is definitely the … means of travelling.
6. It's very … to book tickets in advance.
Task 2. Fill in the chart with the information from the text. Observe the steps.
Advantages and disadvantages
Boarding the plane
Task 3. Right/wrong statesments.
1. Travelling by air is more convenient than by train.
2. It saves your money.
3. Only very small distance can be covered by plane.
4. At first, I proceeded on the airport by bus and after it I packed my luggage.
5. After the flight passengers must register at the airport.
6. Passengers must weigh their luggage.
7. Passengers may take only 20 kilograms.
8. The registration stops 30 minutes before the time of take off.
9. I go on foot to the plane on the runway.
10. Pilot and co-pilot help everyone to get comfortable.
11. During the flight we got information of altitude, speed, the weather and the
distance covered.
12. The plane landed exactly on time.