Презентация "The Four Seasons"

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The Four Seasons Spring
  • The sun shines more and the days begin to get warmer.
  • Spring is a time when baby animals are born.
  • Spring is a time when plants and trees wake up after a long winters nap.
  • Spring showers help to warm the earth, moisten the soil, helping new plants to grow.
  • Long, hot days.
  • Summer fruit and vegetables are ready to be picked.
  • You see many bees and butterflies fly flower to flower.
  • Leaves change to yellow, orange, and red.
  • Picking fruit and vegetables.
  • Animals get ready for winter.
  • Winter is cold.
  • Children dress warmly to play in the snow.
  • Animals head to their winter homes.
The Four Seasons
  • Round and round the seasons go
Spring Summer Fall