Тест "Количественные местоимения" 6 класс

Тест для учащихся 6 класса по теме
«Количественные местоимения».
Many, much, few, a few, little, a little
Variant 1
Put in many, much, few, a few, little, a little.
1. How_______ photographs did you take?
2. He hasn’t got _______ friends.
3. How ________ much money did you take?
4. Do you watch TV _______?
5. Do you drink _______ tea?
6. There isn’t ________ milk in the cup.
7. We went to a cheap restaurant. So it didn’t cost ________.
8. I’ve got __________ friends, so I’m alone.
9. She isn’t lonely, because she has got ________ friends.
10. They have ________ money. They are very poor.
11. She didn’t eat anything but she drank _________ water.
12. There was food _______ in the fridge. It was nearly empty.
13. Can you speak English _________?
14. When did you see Nick? ________ days ago.
15. She is very lazy. She doesn’t work________.
16. Last night he went to a restaurant with ________ friends.
17. The TV service isn’t very good. There are ________ good programmers.
18. Ann knows ________ about this gardening.
19. Most of the towns is modern there aren’t ________old buildings.
20.” Did you enjoy the party?” “Not so _________.”
Variant 2
Put in many, much, few, a few, little, a little.
1. I live in a small village. There are a church, a shop and ________ houses.
2. How ________ apples on the table?
3. We are late. We have very _________ time.
4. He spends too _________ money.
5. _________ effort had been made before I the first record was set.
6. He needs to buy a lot of things but he hasn’t got _______ money.
7. There aren’t chairs ________ in the room.
8. This flat is small so there very _______ rooms there.
9. I don’t know ________ about these people.
10. He comes here ________ times a week because he has ______ free time.
11. We are destroying _________ trees and forests.
12. We use _________ electricity.
13. There is very ________ juice left. I must buy some.
14. Can you speak French _________?
15. I have got _________ sisters and brothers.
16. There is _________ Coke in the bottle. Do you want some?
17. She hasn’t got ________ homework today.
18. I need _______ eggs and ________ butter to make a cake.
19. How _______ cups of coffee do you drink a day?
20. I’m not very busy today. I haven’t got ________ to do.