Проверочная работа "Scools and schooling" 7 класс

Проверочная работа.
Unit 1 “Scools and schooling”.
The 7
I. Complete the sentences:
1. I bought two ________ of mittens as Christmas presents for my cousins.
a) pieces b) pairs c) couples
2. Linda has got a very good ________ of paintings.
a) collect b) collection c) collector
3. Next year Tom will be a ______ seven student.
a) term b) class c) year
4. Jeremy is really good at computer studies. I’m proud ____ him.
a) of b) with c) at
5. Are you sure you will be able to ______ Mom ______ buying some new brushes?
a) talk … over b) talk … into c) take … into
6. Do you often ______ mistakes in spelling?
a) take b) do c) make
7. If you are tired, go to ______ bed.
a) a b) the c)
8. My friend ______ me a lot about his summer holidays.
a) said b) told c) spoke
II. Form new words to fill the gaps.
She is a well-known ................ of children stories. WRITE
All my classmates are good and ……… . FRIEND
She felt sad and …….. because she had nobody to play with.. HAPPY
John is fond of sport. He goes in for ............. . SWIM
You shouldn’t speak …… at the theatre. LOUD
She is wearing a very ………… dress today. BEAUTY
We wrote a very difficult ………. yesterday. DICTATE
III. Complete the sentences with the appropriate function word (at, back, for, to, in, over, of).
1. How much did you pay _____ it?
2. Children go to school _____ the age of six or seven.
3. Listen ____ me, please.
4. Our classes are______. We can go home.
5. Are you afraid _____ dogs?
6. What is your mark ____ biology?
7. Never talk _____ to me again!
IV. Choose the right forms to make the sentences complete.
1. Tom usually (get/gets/got) only good marks for his tests but yesterday he (get/gets/got) a bad
2. Last Monday at this time we (were going/went) to school.
2. It (happen/happened) two centuries ago.
3. My shoes (is/are) very old.
4. If you (come/will come) tomorrow, you (see/will see) Jane.
5. I am not sure what mark he (will get/gets) for the test tomorrow.
6. I always (wear/am wearing) a school uniform when I go to school.
7. Listen! She (tells/ is telling) a very interesting story.
V. Write out countable nouns (Variant 1)/ uncountable nouns(Variant 2):
chalk, water, paint, backpack, ruler, rubber, dress, brush, cheese, glue, dictionary, paper, felt-tip, juice,
education, college, rule, glass, music
V. Write a story about your schooling. Answer the questions below.
(Напишите рассказ о своей учёбе в школе. Для этого вам нужно ответить на вопросы,
приведённые ниже. У вас получится логичный рассказ, содержащий не менее 7 фраз).
1. How big is your school?
2. What year are you in?
3. What subjects are you doing this year?
4. What do you usually do in class?
5. What subject/subjects do you like best of all?
6. What subject/subjects do you dislike and why?
7. What subjects are difficult for you?