Проверочная работа 5 класс английский язык

Выбери правильную форму глагола.
1-Tom usually coffee.
a) drink b) drinks c) is drinking d) drank e) will
2-Mary … to music now.
a) listen b) listens c) is listening d) listened e) will
3-Al … to the pub in the next Tuesday evening.
a)go b) goes c) is going d) went e) will go
4-It … in the last winter.
a)snow b) snows c) is snowing d) snowed
e) will snow
5-I … to see Mr. Dale next time.
a)come b) comes c) am coming d) come
e) shall come
6-They … animals at this moment.
a)draw b) draws c) are drawing d) drawn e)
will draw
7-We … the window in our room every morning.
a)open b) opens c) are opening d) opened
e)shall open
8-You … new English words at the next lesson.
a)learn b) learns c) are learning d) learned
e) will learn
9-Look! Your dog …in the river.
a)swim b) swims c) is swimming d) swum
e) will swim
10-My parents often … at home.
a)work b) works c) are working d) worked e)
will work
Поставьте глаголы во 2ю и 3ю форму и переведите их
To take
To read
To open
To get
To clean
To swim
To play
To eat
To buy
To go
To do
To be