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Презентация "Interesting places in Saint- Petersburg"

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    • Interesting places in Saint- Petersburg

    • 1.This writer was born in Ukraine.
    • 2. He wrote the story, named as a part of a human face.

«Major`s Kovalev Nose»

    • This monument is devoted
    • to Gogol`s character of the story «Nose».
    • It is made of pink ukrainian marble
    • (from Gogol`s motherland)
    • It was stolen in 2002, and
    • found the next year, in 2003.
    • This monument is situated in
    • Voznesensky avenue.

    • This man invented an electric lamp in Russia, in the
    • end of the 19th century.


  • In this place, in Odesskaya
  • street, there was a workshop of
  • the Russian inventor- A. Lodygin.
  • He invented an electric lamp, and
  • a lot of lamplighters lost their
  • job. They were victims of a
  • technological progress.

  • When did the first running water appear in St.Petersburg?

«Water carrier»

  • Running water appeared in Saint- Petersburg only in the middle of the19th century. Before that, special men carried clean water to people. This monument is devoted to them.

  • In this presentation I told you only about three interesting places in my city, but there are a lot of them. Visit my city if you like my presentation.

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