Презентация "The famous cities of the UK" 8 класс

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Theme: The famous cities of the UK
  • By:
  • Vladimir Obukhov
  • Vladimir
Goal and tasks.
  • Goal – to study the peculiarities of the cities:
  • Manchester, Edinburgh, Cambrige, Oxford, Cardiff.
  • This city is a great industrial, cultural and sport centre
  • Here you can find the largest shopping center in Europe.
  • is the capital of Scotland
  • is a great industrial, cultural, historical
  • and educational centre.
  • Edinburgh university is one of the oldest universities in Great Britain.
  • Is the capital of Wales
  • Is an educational and cultural centre
  • Here you can see architecture of all epochs and styles.
  • This city is an important educational and cultural centre- there are many theatres and museums where collections
  • from Egypt, East Asia, Greece are kept
  • an important educational centre where Oxford university,the oldest university in Europe, is situated
  • an administrative centre of county Oksfordshire,
  • an industrial centre
  • As a result of my study I have known the particularities of such city as Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, Kardiff, Edinburgh.
  • Each of them has its own history and beautiful sights and carries the certain functions.
Thank you for attention!