Презентация "Architecture and history of London" 8 класс

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Architecture and history of London
  • Author:
  • Kate Zubova from 8 A
  • Supervisor:
  • U. V. Pupynina
Goal and tasks of research
  • My goal is to restore the chronology of urban development and describe its main architectural styles.
  • Tasks:
  • Explore the history of London.
  • To study the architectural styles of Europe and to identify which of them are present in the architecture of London.
  • Summarize all the collected material.
  • Describe the history of the development (including architecture) of the city.
Foundation of London
  • London was found in 43 b. c.
  • In 60 b. c. queen Boudikka attacked London and burnt it.
  • In 200 a. c. Britain was divide into High and Lower. London was set as a capital of High Britain.
Saxon age
  • In IX century London was attacked by Vikings.
  • In 1066 Wilhelm-the-Conqueror
  • was set as king of Britain.
  • In 1300 London was divide into Westminster and City.
Tudor age
  • Hide-park and Kensington-garden were built.
  • The Great Plague happened in 1665.
  • The Great London Fire happened in 1666.
XIX century
  • In 1836 the first railroad in Britain was built.
  • London was divided on fashionable West End and poor East End.
  • In 1851 occurred The World Exhibition in London.
  • In 1855 the system of urban governance was reformed.
XX – XXI centuries
  • In 1908 London Olympics occurred.
  • In 1948 London took the Olympic Games for the second time.
  • In the postwar period London had lost the status of the UK's largest port.
  • At the beginning of the XXI century London had the right to host the Olympic Games in 2012.
Roman architecture
  • Roman wall
  • (built in 200)
Norman architecture
  • London Bridge
  • Tower of London
Gothic architecture
  • Westminster abbey
  • (built in 1245 – 1745)
Tudor age architecture
  • Hampton Court
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
London architecture in our days
  • Apollo Victoria Theatre
  • Millennium Bridge
Thank you for your attention!
  • Thank you for your attention!