Тестовая работа "The Saints Peter and Fevronia: Symbols of Love and Fidelity" 7-8 класс

Тестовая работа по английскому языку для учащихся
7-8 х классов по теме «Традиции и обычаи
Владимирского края» на основе текста
«The Saints Peter and Fevronia: Symbols of Love and
Работу выполнила: учитель английского языка
Киселёва Полина Владимировна, МБОУ СОШ № 10,
г. Гусь-Хрустальный
The Text
In Russia, July 8th is the “Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness”.
The saints Peter and Fevronia are the patrons of marriage and family, and the symbols of love
and fidelity. On the day of the saints Peter and Fevronia it is common to go to church where
people ask for love and family grace.
The story of their life and love dates back to the 13th century when Grand Duke of Murom was
Peter. He was very ill and nobody could help him. Only a young country girl, whose name was
Fevronia, managed to cure him. Fevronia was a wise woman. She knew the properties of herbs
and could treat people. Peter fell in love with her and promised to marry after the healing, but
when he got cured he did not keep his word. Later, when he was defeated by the disease again,
Fevronia cured him once again, and this time the duke married the girl.
After the death of Peter’s brother, Peter inherited the throne. The nobles respected him, but their
arrogant wives didn’t like Fevronia because she was pleasant, so the nobles tried to make the
duke leave her. But Peter chose to go with his beloved wife in exile, leaving Murom.
The nobles started to fight for the throne. But everyone was a failure. So, to gain the love of
urban counterparts the nobles asked Peter and Fevronia to come back. After that, they ruled long
and happily.
As they wished, Peter and Fevronia died the same day: on the 8
of July in 1228. In spite of their
will they were buried in different places, but next day people found their bodies in the same
grave. It was a miracle for everybody.
Their relics are kept in the Trinity convent in Murom which is situated on the Oka River. Since
then young people pray to Peter and Fevronia for great love and older people ask them for
harmony in families.